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Soak & Swipe™ Manicure Clips

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Introducing the easiest and most effective way to get you out of your old manicure and into a new one: the Bliss Kiss™ Reusable Soak & Swipe™ Nail Polish Remover Clips. Because we believe in making it easier for you to get gorgeous nails!

Faster: Your own body heat works to warm up the acetone which helps to dissolve the nail polish faster.

Easier: Ever been frustrated getting glitter polish, nail art or even just a couple layers of your favorite polish off your nails? We’ve been there too! Now, instead of scrubbing your nails, Soak & Swipe™ clips make removing polish easy! All you have to do is clip your acetone soaked cotton pieces to your nails, wait, then swipe your old manicure away!  

  • The easiest (and prettiest) way to remove nail polish

  • No more messing with foil

  • No more picking and peeling at your polish

  • Great for quickly and easily removing nail polish from your natural nails with less drying to your skin and nails

  • Also works great for removing UV gel polish


Included: 5 Soak & Swipe clips


Tools Needed:

Large cotton ball*


Lint-free makeup pads* 

Cooking oil (like canola or vegetable oil)*

Pure Acetone (not polish remover)*


**(These items are not included in the purchase)


Directions with Polish

  1. Unroll a large cotton ball and clip into 10 nail-sized pieces.
  2. Saturate a lint-free makeup pad with cooking oil.
  3. Start with either your left or right hand. Rub oil-soaked pad liberally on all 5 fingers on one hand, up to the second knuckle, top and bottom. This decreases the drying effect of acetone.
  4. Thoroughly saturate one cotton piece with acetone and apply to entire pinky nail.
  5. Apply clip over the cotton on pinky nail.
  6. Repeat steps 4-5 with remaining fingers of the hand you started with. (Note: If removing many layers of polish, with 30-90 seconds. Otherwise, proceed to step 7 after applying clips and acetone soaked cotton to all 5 nails.)
  7. Return to your pinky nail and remove clip. Set clip aside.
  8. With your thumb and two fingers of your opposite hand, use firm pressure and slide cotton and polish off nail in one clean swipe.
  9. If any polish remains on nail, apply new cotton piece saturated with acetone and reclip.
  10. Repeat steps 7-9 with remaining four fingers.
  11. Repeat steps 1-10 on other hand.

Directions with Gel

Follow manufacturer's directions using the clips to hold cotton in place. Tip: Most gels require 20-40 minutes to dissolve.


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Nail Polish Remover Made EASY!:
The tedious job of removing polish just got a lot easier! No more scrubbing and grinding polish pigments into your nail plate. Introducing the easiest and most effective way to get you out of your old manicure and into a