Overnight Hydration Treatment

Ready for massive hydration in a hurry?

Check out this video of Ana walking you through the Bliss Kiss™ Overnight/Mini-Hydration Treatment

Overnight Hydration Treatment Instructions

  1. Remove all nail polish.
  2. Liberally apply Simply Pure™ hydrating oil to both sides of nails (top and underneath) and surrounding skin.

  3. Liberally apply Simply Sealed™ lotion stick to hands like you would with traditional hand lotion.
  4. Put on nitrile gloves and leave on for 1 - 12 hours. (This is great overnight, or during the daytime when you're going about your daily activities.)
  5. After 1-12 hour treatment, remove gloves. Skin will be soft, and nail tips may be partially or fully transparent. THIS IS GOOD! This means the nail has penetrated through all your nail layers.
  6. Cleanse nails gently with rubbing alcohol and a lint-free pad.
  7. Apply polish to seal oil into nails. We recommend the Bliss Kiss™ Fab 5 Wrap method.

Happy Hydrating!