How to Use Your Simply Pure™ Hydrating Oil Pen



START HERE: The 3-Day Initial Hydration Treatment

To start the pen, hold it with the bristles pointing up and twist the bottom of the pen counter clockwise until you see oil in the bristles.

  1. Brush a tiny amount of oil all over your nail, cuticle, sidewalls and under the free edge of your nail. You only need a thin layer of oil so they feel slightly slippery. There is no need to look "all greased up." 

    You only need 1 or 2 clicks of oil per nail. 

  2. With your fingers, rub the oil into your nails and fingers up to the knuckle closest to your nail.

  3. By the time you're finished, the oil should be well rubbed in and you should not have any oil left on the pads of your fingers. 

  4. If you still feel too greasy, rub the oil into the front and back of your hands like lotion. If necessary, rub excess oil into your wrists and forearms.

  5. When you feel the oil has been absorbed and your nails aren't slippery, your nails are ready for you to reapply more oil. You might need 8 to 15 applications the first day.

  6. Repeat steps 1 to 5 of the 3-Day Initial Hydration Treatment for UP TO three days ONLY. Your nails should be saturated with oil at this point and they won't be able to absorb much more. Step 7 will help you lock that hydration in with nail polish.

  7.  Now it's time to polish! Cleanse nail plate with rubbing alcohol and a lint-free pad. Apply at least one coat of a ridge filling basecoat wrapped under the tips of your nails to prevent water absorption and to lock the nail oil in.

  8. Continue oiling your polish and skin 4 times a day or more if you're in frequent contact with water, paper, fabric, etc. 

Overnight or Mini-Hydration Treatment Option


Don't have 3 days? Try an Overnight or Mini Hydration Treatment

  1. Liberally apply oil to your skin and nails

  2. Put on nitrile gloves and go to bed for the Overnight Hydration Treatment. We don't recommend cotton gloves as the cotton fibers will absorb the oil.

    If you're doing a Mini Hydration Treatment during the daytime, apply oil liberally, put on gloves, and go about your normal daily activities while wearing the nitrile gloves. 

  3. After completing your treatment, remove your gloves and rub in any extra oil into your nails and hands.

  4. Your hands and nails will feel AMAZING after completing a Mini or Overnight Hydration Treatment. 

    You may notice that the tips of your nails look clear. THIS IS GOOD! It means the oil has penetrated completely through your nails.

  5. Lock in the hydration with nail polish. This is an important part of preventing your normal daily activities, handwashing, doing dishes, showering etc. from washing away all the oil you've worked so hard to get into your nails and skin. 

Other Tips for Success

  • Water will wash away the oil. Try to keep your hands dry as much as possible. Always wear gloves when working with water. 

  • When showering or bathing during the initial 3-Day Treatment, consider wearing hospital nitrile gloves to reduce exposure to water.

  • Wash ONLY your palms as much as possible. 

  • Re-oil your nails and skin after every hand washing.

Instructions for Skin


Recommended Uses:

  • Apply a small amount of oil to affected areas 2+ times a day (or as needed).
  • Continue 2 or more times daily as needed until your symptoms reduce.
  • Once symptoms are under control, apply at least 1x a day or as needed.
  • Add more when itchy areas begin to feel itchy or sore.
  • If your hands are affected, make sure and apply anytime you wash your hands or have contact with water.

For skin disorders (especially during an active flare-up of symptoms), we recommend that you avoid things that contribute to worsening of symptoms such as:

  • Exposure to hot water on affected skin areas
  • Extended exposure to water in general
  • Known allergens
  • Fragrances
  • Chlorine baths
  • Swimming pools
  • Excessive sweating (rinse off in cool water after vigorous exercise or heat)

IF YOU ARE SENSITIVE TO FRAGRANCES: We recommend you try our Fragrance-Free version that is available on Amazon.

ALLERGY NOTICE: Simply Pure contains vitamin A. 

We recognize that skin disorders have many different causes and contributing variables - genetics, other illnesses, food or other allergies, stress, weather changes, etc. 

As with any chronic condition, relieving symptoms is different from a "cure." We are not medical professionals, and we always recommend you discuss any new treatments with your trusted physician. 

We also have a support group on Facebook that is a private place for you to connect with others who understand the struggle of living with a skin disorder. You'll helpful information and lots of support and love. Just enter your email when you go to and you'll get all the links and information to get you started.