Simply Pure™ Hydrating Oil Directions and Tips

3-Day Initial Hydration Treatment™

Initially, your nails will absorb Simply Pure™ oil like a sponge so you will be reapplying frequently. The treatment may use up most of one pen. After that, a pen should last 2-4 weeks.

How to Start Your Pen

To start the pen, hold it with the bristles pointing up and twist the bottom counter clockwise until you see oil in the bristles.

  1. Remove Polish Brush a tiny amount of oil all over your nail, cuticle line, sidewalls, and under your free edge of the nail. You only need a micro thin layer of oil. One drop from the plastic dropper bottle is enough for 10 fingers. Use one or two clicks per nail with the pen.
  2. With your fingers, rub the oil into your nails and fingers up to the knuckle closest to your nail.
  3. By the time you're finished, the oil will be well rubbed in and you should not have any oil left on the pads of your fingers.
  4. Through the next hour or two, occasionally rub the surface oil into your nails.
  5. When you feel the oil has been absorbed and your nails aren't slippery, reapply. You might need 8 to 15 applications on the first day!
  6. Repeat steps 2 to 5 for UP TO three days. Any longer on your initial hydration treatment becomes a battle between water and oil... water always wins.
  7. Now it's time to polish! Cleanse nail plate with rubbing alcohol and a lint-free pad. Apply at least one coat of a ridge filling base coat wrapped under your tips to prevent water absorption. Directions for a long-lasting manicure are at 
  8. Continue oiling your polish and skin 4x a day or more as your nails and skin need.

Tips for Success

  • Water will wash away your oil. Try to keep your hands dry as much as possible. Always wear gloves when working with water. 
  • When showering during the 3-day treatment, consider wearing hospital nitrile gloves to prevent water stripping away all the oil you've been putting into your nails.
  • Wash ONLY your palms as much as possible.
  • Re-oil your nails and skin after every hand washing.

I'm so impressed with this product!

“I can't believe my results! I am just over one month from my first application and my nails have never been so strong, shiny, healthy and LONG! The only other time I've ever managed to grow my nails this long was during a three week holiday that involved no cooking, cleaning or typing. My nails no longer peel! Everyone is pretty much sick to death of hearing me talk about Simply Pure™ but I don't care. It is my personal mission to educate the world on the wonder that is Bliss Kiss™!!!!! Thank you so much Ana, for putting such time, care and effort in to creating such a wonderful, can-not-live-without, miracle oil!!!!” Devotee for Life, ~Becky


Basic Daily Application: Two Times (2x) Daily or MoreNail Growth - Applying Nail Oil helps keep nails from breaking as fast

  1. Uncap the pen, twist end until you see oil in the bristles

  2. Brush oil all over your nail, cuticle, sidewalls and under your free edge of the nail. You only need a thin layer of oil. There is no need to look “all greased up.”

  3. Recap pen

  4. With your fingers, rub the oil into your nails and fingers up to the knuckle closest to your nail.

  5. Spend a little time rubbing the matrix (right behind the cuticle) This increases the blood flow to where your nail is formed so they will be stronger and healthier.

Salon Manicure Maintenance

Simply Pure™ is the world's best cuticle and nail oil that will help you get a longer life from your salon manicure.

This unique oil blend actually penetrates the top surface of lacquer, gel, and acrylic nail enhancements.

Consistent, daily use of Simply Pure™ will eliminate hangnails, facilitate healing of minor skin irritations, and help prevent cracking of your lacquer, gel, or acrylic nail enhancements. 

Following the Application Directions, apply Simply Pure™ in the morning and after each hand washing through the day.

TIP: Spend a little time rubbing the matrix (right behind the cuticle line.) This increases the blood flow to where your nail is formed so they will grow stronger and healthier


What Others Are Saying

"I would bet my entire year's salary that everyone who tries Simply Pure™ hydrating oil will not go back to anything else! It is really that amazing!" ~Kimber

“Ana, after 20 days my nails look amazing! No peeling, no hangnails! I've bumped my nails several times in which I thought they were broken for sure but much to my amazement they were not damaged at all! My nails used to peel and break so easily! My nails are so healthy now! I can't thank you enough! It's hard to believe these are actually MY nails!” Hugs, ~Danielle

“Thank you so much for this amazing oil! I used to be a biter. My nails were so weak and also used to peel like nobody's business. I used to dream of being able to grow them past my finger tips so I could make noise tapping them on the table. I must seem so impatient to some people, because now I am always tapping my fingernails on the table, my phone case, anything that makes that clicking noise! I love it. Now I have to keep filing them down! I have had so many people ask me if my nails are real, it's amazing! Thank you so much Ana!” ~Keri 


Terms & Conditions: If you have any allergies, skin conditions, or have previously had any reaction to bath and body products, we recommend performing a patch test on your skin to test for any allergic/skin reactions. All of Bliss Kiss™ products are either (a) custom made or (b) designed for cosmetic use. For health reasons, there shall be no returns of any products, but if for any reason, your Bliss Kiss™ product is unsatisfactory, please contact us at 

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