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Push Down Pump Dispenser

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Size: 6 oz Pump Bottle

Essential for Every Nail Artist

Whether you're a newbie or an expert, pump dispensers are an important tool to help you create the perfect manicures!

  • Press Down Dispenser Design - It's easy to use, prevents spills and won't spoil your manicure!
  • Nail Art Cleanup - Perfect for dispensing liquid onto your cotton ball, cotton swabs, nail art and cleanup brushes
  • Multipurpose - Can be used to dispense your acetone... alcohol... Simply Soft™ + Acetone polish remover mix... makeup remover etc.
  • Flip Top - Convenient flip open cap prevents leaking and can be opened without smudging your wet nail polish.
  • Just the Right Size - Dispenses the perfect amount of liquid! Plus, the large opening makes for easy refills.

 What Should You Put in YOUR "Pumper Dumper?"

100% Pure Acetone 

Acetone is the quickest, fastest way to remove nail polish.
Use when you want to...

  • Remove old nail polish
  • Soak off gel polish
  • Cleanup manicures and nail art

 Nails will be polish ready after removing!

Acetone Myths:

  • MYTH - acetone is more drying than other alternative nail polish removers. Pure acetone is faster. Faster = Less time on your skin = less drying 
  • MYTH - acetone causes cancer. It does not cause cancer. Normal use of acetone to remove nail polish is safe for you and your body. Just make sure and use it in a well-ventilated area.
  • MYTH - acetone gets absorbed into your blood stream. Nope. It is not able to pass through your skin or nail plate, so it isn't going to be absorbed into your body.

Read the full article about Acetone here.   

100% Pure Acetone + Simply Gone™ Acetone Additive 

Use when you want to...

  • Remove old nail polish and avoid dissolving the oils from the skin around your nails
  • Leave your nails and skin feeling Simply Soft and smelling great

Remember: wipe your nail plate with rubbing alcohol using a lint-free pad before polishing your nails after using Simply Soft™.

Rubbing Alcohol

Use when you want to...

  • Make your manicure last longer. By cleaning all oil off your nail plate before polishing, the polish is able to bond directly to your nail. Oils and other additives can leave a film on your nail plate that affects the polish/nail bond and will cause your manicure to chip sooner.

Your Favorite Liquid Makeup Remover

Just fill your Pump Dispenser with your favorite makeup remover and it will be ready to go when you're ready to go to bed! 

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