Mega Hydration Kit

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Mega Hydration Kit

Mega Hydration Kit

All the Hydration Your Hands and Nails Have Been Craving!

The Mega Hydration Kit is the perfect way to get your nails on some massive hydration (while saving money! You'll save over $5.00 off the normal retail price when you get the Mega Hydration Kit).




Ana’s Overnight Hydration Technique is a healthy nails game changer! This is the perfect solution for nails and skin that are in need of some serious hydration. And let's face it. That includes pretty much everyone!

Just going through a normal day of hand washing, work, home, and well... just life takes a toll on your nails and skin. Now you can get stunning results... overnight!

Here's What You Get

Ready to take the Overnight Hydration Treatment for a test drive on your nails and hands?


  • 1 Fragrance Free -or- Crisp Simply Pure™ Dropper Bottle (0.5 oz)
  • 1 Large Simply Sealed™ lotion stick (Fragrance Free or Crisp Fragrance)
  • 5 Pairs of Ana's favorite Pretty in Pink nitrile gloves 

These beautiful pink gloves are durable textured and give you a good grip and work with smart phones and touch screens.

Your hands work hard all day. Give them a little extra TLC and enjoy smooth skin and stronger, more flexible nails. 

About the Products

Simply Pure™ Hydration Oil 15 ml Dropper

pure-dropper-350.pngStrong nails BEND, not break. Simply Pure™ oil dropper makes it super easy to oil up for an overnight or mini hydration treatment. 

BOOM! You're set up for nail hydration success! The Mega Hydration Kit comes with your choice Fragrance Free or Crisp Fragrance "liquid gold" so you can get the benefit of this jojoba-laden hydration to make it easier on yourself to get the longer stronger nails you really want.

Your choice of Fragrance-Free or Crisp Fragrance hydrating oil.


Simply Sealed™ Large Lotion Stick  

new-label-simply-sealed.jpgThis is the holy grail of all over body moisturizers. Say goodbye to bottled lotion and say hello to this luxurious, uniquely all natural lotion in a stick. Simply Sealed™ lotion stick delivers silky smooth all-over moisturizing goodness into your skin.

This artisan, handmade lotion stick is silky smooth and packed with hydration for your dry, sensitive skin without leaving you feeling greasy.

Our Lotion Stick is especially great to help with psoriasis, eczema, super dry skin from frequent hand washing, working with paper or boxes, and other drying hazards. Plus, SIMPLY SEALED™ adds a protective, water-resistant barrier to your skin!

Your choice of Fragrance-Free or Crisp Fragrance Lotion Stick.



pink-gloves-200x200.pngPretty in Pink Overnight/Mini Hydration Nitrile Gloves

These beautiful pink gloves are latex-free, textured and give you a good grip and work with smart phones and touch screens. You'll also notice how surprisingly thick and durable these gloves are, too! They are 33% thicker than normal nitrile gloves to protect medical professionals hands when treating patients with chemotherapy.

The manufacturer of these gloves donates a portion of the proceeds to the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) in support of women's health. (Did we mention they're pretty, too?)


Glove Sizing Help:


 *If you are still having trouble deciding, always opt for the larger of the two sizes. Slightly loose is better than too tight!


The Results are Clear

Literally. You will likely see your tips turn clear after a hydration treatment. This is GOOD. Unlike tips clear from being soaked in water where your natural oils that hold the layers of your nails together get stripped away, clear tips after a Hydration Treatment indicate STRONG, FLEXIBLE, HYDRATED NAILS.

Here's what Ana says about clear tips after an Overnight (or mini) Hydration Treatment:

"The oil has penetrated all the way through and turned them transparent. If the transparency had been from water absorption, they would've taken an hour to dry out. 




Some people are blessed with it... Now everyone else can get Blissed with it. 

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It works!

Posted by Ginger on Mar 9th 2018

I've quit biting my nails thanks to these products. I'm also a regular handwasher, so the oil and lotion stick keep my skin and nails from cracking and peeling. I like the gloves, I wear them every other night, they help keep the product on my hands. I also have cotton gloves that I wear at night.

Mega Hydration kit ( Crisp, Large)

Posted by Rocio on Feb 13th 2018

I originally bought this just because I like trying new products especially cuticle oils. I learned about Bliss Kiss from SimplyNailogical which made me more excited to try it. I used the hydration kit and loved the results but it’s actually more than that. The palms of my hands started to peel to the point of bleeding... It was painful and awful. I used Aquafor to heal the wound and it worked but that is all it was doing because my hands were still cracking and peeling ): I decided to try the Mega Hydration kit and WOW. After using them there was a marked improvement on my palms. My palms are still healing but they are healing like they weren’t before. I am very happy, pleased, and relieved I found something that helped me so much. Although this helped me in a way that was totally unexpected, I’d recommend this to anyone who wants insanely soft hands!

Mega hydration

Posted by Janet on Feb 12th 2018

A little on the expensive side, but worth it!


Posted by Alia on Feb 12th 2018

I bought 2of these kits during the semi-annual sale. Not only was a pleased with the value and products but my order was "chosen" and I got a cute little seqin pillow, I think an extra 4 oz bottle of oil AND a bonus 2 hydro kits. Amazing.

Nail oil

Posted by Yvonne Ramirez on Feb 9th 2018

This is the best product I’ve ever tried on my nails I’m very happy with this product!!! I am very happy with this product best nail oil I’ve tried.


Posted by Miosotis Trujillo on Jan 27th 2018

This is a must have! My hands feel and look so soft after using the lotion stick. The Simply pure oil is nothing less than amazing. My six year old daughter has eczema on her little fingers and the Simply Pure oil is healing her faster than expected. Thanks for making these life changing products!

LOVE this kit!

Posted by April on Jan 16th 2018

After only a couple of nights of using this kit I noticed a difference -- I even had a cut on my right hand that healed faster after a few uses! My hands are much softer and my nails are longer and stronger. The gloves are not uncomfortable to sleep in, and while the lotion is a bit greasier than most, the gloves keep you from getting it everywhere. I will continue using this kit until you stop selling it!

Love it!

Posted by Larissa G on Jan 4th 2018

I've used it and I love it! Love these pink gloves they are very strong and last and doing the hydration over night made my skin so soft in the morning :heart: ... love all your products!

Mega Hydration Kit

Posted by Dawn Z. on Dec 27th 2017

Meh. I am not crazy about the lotion stick, as it seems greasy to me. The gloves are a heavy gauge and are not very comfortable. I have large hands so I ordered the large gloves. Unfortunately, they felt a little too big. After applying the oil to my nails and cuticles and the lotion stick to my hands, I wore the gloves all night and woke up not impressed. I’ve had better luck with Aveeno hand cream and cotton gloves. The only good thing about the nitrile gloves is that they work well with touchscreens.

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