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Stamp & Scrape ™ - Silicone Stamp Head (Replacement)

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We back our silicone stamp head with a 90-day warranty. If there is a problem with your stamp head during the 90-day warranty period, we will replace it free of charge.

Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever and over time wear and tear will take a toll on your silicone stamp head. Luckily, we’ve coordinated with our manufacturer to offer replacement stamp heads for when yours eventually kicks the bucket.

Remember, you can extend the life of your silicone stamp head by following our care instructions.

Product Dimensions:

Silicone stamp head: approximately 3.8 cm diameter x 1 cm tall
Silicone stamp head color: clear

Product Care Instructions

Clean the stamp head with tape or lint roller to remove excess nail polish. (Lint roller not included).

You can also rinse the stamp head in clean warm water. (Don’t use soap!)

Try not to touch the silicone stamp head with your fingers. The oils from your skin will cause the nail polish stamp to not stick well. Remove fingerprints with a lint roller or rinse in warm water (NO SOAP!) and let air dry before replacing in stamp handle.

Do not use alcohol, acetone, or nail polish remover to clean the head. It will damage the silicone.

Do not file or use other abrasives on the silicone stamp head! It will damage it.

Accidentally get nail polish on the handle? Not a problem! Simply wipe the sturdy aluminum alloy handle clean with pure acetone (other polish removers may contain additives that will leave a film that can get on your stamp head and affect your stamping results). Just remember to avoid getting acetone or nail polish remover on the silicone stamp head!

PRODUCT DAMAGE WARNING: Protect your silicone mat! Don’t leave the silicone stamper on your silicone mat (the Simply Neat™ Miracle Mat™ or anyone else’s). Even just 30 minutes can cause irreversible bubbling, depending on the mat. When you’re done stamping, clean your stamp head with a lint roller to remove excess polish and replace protective cap and put it away until you’re ready to create your next nail art stamping masterpiece!


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