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Pink Overnight Hydration Nitrile Gloves

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You Asked, We Listened

We've had so many people asking for high-quality nitrile gloves that work well with Bliss Kiss™ products to help you get the most out of an Overnight or Mini Hydration Treatment.

We Found Some Great Gloves Just For You! 

Benefits of Overnight Hydration 

  • Your body heat helps warm up the oil so you absorb more.
  • Helps to hydrate both your nails and the skin on your hands.
  • Speed up the benefits of hydrating your nails (the FASTEST way to shortcut 3 Day Get Naked Challenge)

Here are some of the criteria Ana was searching for:

  • Sturdy. We tested a lot of gloves that would tear even when just putting them on. That was completely unacceptable. 
    So we didn't stop until we found gloves that are sturdy.
  • Flexible. These gloves are comfortable and will move with you.
  • Textured. You can still pick things up and go about your day/night with these gloves. (You can still text and use your SmartPhone while wearing them.)
  • Pretty. Yes. This is important! One of our favorite features of these gloves is the gorgeous pink with pearlescent sheen! 


Plus! You will be supporting Breast Cancer Awareness and Research. The manufacturer of these gloves donates a portion of all proceeds to support research and provide education and early detection screenings for those in need.

Strong Nails BEND, Not Break

Harder isn't stronger when it comes to nails. If you just have hard nails, your nails are more likely to break - the really kind of painful break, too.

The Strong Nail Solution

The fastest and easiest way to get longer stronger nails is to hydrate them. And the fastest way to hydrate your nails is with the Bliss Kiss™ Overnight Hydration process.

Here's how it works:


Give your hands and nails some hydrating TLC. Get your gloves and get your hydration on! We promise you'll be delighted with your results.

Make sure you've got your Simply Pure™ and Simply Sealed™!


What You Get

5 pair of Nitrile Gloves (10 gloves total)



These beautiful pink gloves are latex-free, textured and give you a good grip and work with smart phones and touch screens. You'll also notice how surprisingly thick and durable these gloves are, too! They are 33% thicker than normal nitrile gloves to protect medical professionals hands when treating patients with chemotherapy.


The manufacturer of these gloves donates a portion of the proceeds to the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) in support of women's health. (Did we mention they're pretty, too?)



Sizing Help:



*If you are still having trouble deciding, always opt for the larger of the two sizes. Slightly loose is better than too tight!


The Results are Clear

Literally. You will likely see your tips turn clear after a hydration treatment. This is GOOD. Unlike tips clear from being soaked in water where your natural oils that hold the layers of your nails together get stripped away, clear tips after a Hydration Treatment indicate STRONG, FLEXIBLE, HYDRATED NAILS.

Here's what Ana says about clear tips after an Overnight (or mini) Hydration Treatment:

"The oil has penetrated all the way through and turned them transparent. If the transparency had been from water absorption, they would've taken an hour to dry out. 




Some people are blessed with it... Now everyone else can get Blissed with it. 

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