The Bliss Kiss™ Ultimate Nail Care Routine

The Bliss Kiss™ Ultimate Nail Care Routine

Feb 7th 2020

Want Longer, Stronger Natural Nails in 30 Days?

The Ultimate Nail Care Routine is the cornerstone of the Bliss Kiss™ 30 Day Challenge. The BEST way to get started on your journey to longer, stronger nails is just a click away!

  • Less peeling
  • More bending and less breaking and chipping
  • Fewer hangnails

The 30 Day Challenge is more than just a month of taking care of your nails. We want you to have the support and understanding you need to develop life long habits that you will take with you throughout the year, and throughout your life.

The image in this post shows the 6 basic steps of the Bliss Kiss™ Ultimate Nail Care Routine.

Step 1: START HERE: MEGA HYDRATION TREATMENT - Start by treating your naked nails to a Mega Hydration Treatment. Slather your nails and skin with Simply Pure™ and Simply Sealed™, then slide them into nitrile gloves. WEAR AT LEAST 4 HOURS.

If your hands get sweaty, remove the gloves, wipe your hands off with a towel, reapply oil and lotion stick and put gloves back on for more hydration.

Step 2: GET POLISH BACK ON YOUR NAILS! This will help to seal in the oil your nails just absorbed to keep them hydrated and flexible. (Remember, strong nails need to be FLEXIBLE to bend, not break.)

If you can’t wear polish, keep hydrating your nails with oil, especially after you wash your hands.

Step 3: OIL DAILY! Remember to apply Simply Pure™ 4-10x daily (or more as needed), and especially after you wash your hands. This is an important part of your nail care routine. It will help keep your skin and nails hydrated as your daily activities that strip away the oils from your skin. 

If you’re wearing polish, the oil will help keep your layers of polish flexible (decreasing the cracking, chipping, and peeling of your polish). Oiling your cuticle lines also keeps the skin soft and prevents hangnails.

Step 4: REMOVE POLISH - As soon as your polish starts chipping (or as soon as you get bored of your manicure), remove your polish and get ready to hydrate your nails to prevent them from getting dry and brittle.

Step 5: MINI HYDRATION TREATMENT - Remember MINI BEFORE MANI! After you’ve removed your polish, slather your hands and nails with Simply Pure™ and Simply Sealed™ and put on nitrile gloves for 20 minutes - 2 hours (depending on how much time you have available) to give your nails and skin a good soak to keep them healthy and hydrated.

STEP 6: REPEAT STEPS 2-5 - After treating your nails and skin to a Mini Hydration Treatment, Repeat the process again.

  • Fab 5 Manicure.
  • Oil 4-10x Daily.
  • Remove polish when your manicure starts to chip.
  • Mini Before Mani.
  • Repeat.
    We recommend you do a Mega Hydration Treatment at least once a month, more depending on how dry your hands and nails get.