The Bliss Kiss™ Challenge

 Ready for Gorgeous, Strong Nails?

Want to get rid of hangnails and hydrate your nails?

 Get Longer, Stronger Nails for LIFE!

Take the new Bliss Kiss™ Get Naked Bliss Kiss™ Challenge!


The BEST way to get started on your journey to longer, stronger nails is just a click away!

You Spoke, We Listened

Over the years, we have worked hard to continually improving your experience to give you the best results.

Based on the input from our Blissettes, we have condensed and refined the information in the Challenge to teach you how to get:

  • Less peeling
  • More bending and less breaking and chipping
  • Fewer hangnails
  • Nails that grow longer and stronger
  • Tips to help you KEEP your nails long
  • The Ultimate Bliss Kiss™ Nail Care Routine

We will walk you through everything you need to know about getting the gorgeous nails you've always wanted. 

You can take the Challenge anytime. All you need is 7 days to devote to pampering your nails. (It won't take much time, and your nails won't be naked for long, we promise.)


We do host a Challenge Contest twice a year in Winter and Summer.
Keep an eye on our Instagram account for more Contest details.


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