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Hi Ana!
I wanted to leave a review but I couldn't find anywhere to leave it, so here I am! I wanted to wait for my 3 day challenge to be over but I can't! I must tell you how amazing your product is!!!

Some background: I'm a polishaholic, I half a room dedicated to my nail desk, nail polishes, and nail tools. I have over 200 nail polishes and all my friends are jealous, of course! I've loved nail polish since I was a kid, but about 2 years ago I really got into it with help of the Instagram community. Last year I ventured into the indie community and stumbled upon your page, and followed you for probably over a year, religiously reading your nail care articles as well. I'm a skeptic by nature, and it took me a while to pull the trigger on the nail oil. I work in a dry winter environment and I am always outside or in the car at work as well, (oh the joys of law enforcement in a Canadian winter!) and my hands and nails couldn't keep up.

I had hangnails on almost every nail and no matter how much I moisturized throughout the day, my hands and cuticles were so dry. I always carry lotion on me because I had childhood eczema and it flared back up when I began this job in the winters. With my order I received some Fluff, and I just couldn't wait to share my oil and fluff results!

Let me repeat: it's been TWO days and as I am busy I refuse to use a product more then twice a day, so I've been oiling twice a day and "fluffing" before bed.

In two days, my hangnails are almost completely gone! My cuticles are beautiful of course, and the patch of eczema is almost gone! Two days!

I even started using it on my toes and feet, which need to be professionally taken care of because of the beating they take, and even my terribly dry cuticles on my feet are dramatically improving! I'm in disbelief! I just wanted to let you know how amazing this has all been, and how grateful I am to have something that works with my extreme work environment. I bought a second starter kit for my mom for Christmas and I hate that I have to wait to give it to her! I also wanted to let you know how awesome it is that these products come in unscented, I frequent a lot of places during my work day that are "fragrance free" zones.

Thank you so much for all that you do, simply nail HQ is amazing as well, and I appreciate all the hard work that must go into running Bliss Kiss and Nail HQ. I'm ordering some Simply Sealed when I finish this message, you've earned yourself yet another loyal customer!

~ Hilary