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Simply Neat™ Manicure Mat

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Does your heart (and pocketbook) ache when you look at how much you’ve spent in repairing or replacing destroyed work surfaces, tables, desks?

You don’t have to give up your passion for beautiful nails. AND, you don’t have to confine yourself to the bathroom counter to get your nail fix.

Meet your new favorite nail art tool that does the heavy lifting for you…

❤︎ Less worry
❤︎ More creativity
❤︎ Do nail art both hands
❤︎ Easy cleanup
❤︎ Simple storage

Unleash your inner creative goddess!

Introducing the Simply Neat Manicure Mat. A universal workspace that will do everything.  We don’t mean to brag, but it really DOES everything!

❤︎ Protect your workspace. It’s USDA food grade silicone and it is BOSS at keeping acetone from dissolving things like - oh - varnish on your dining room table.
❤︎ Gorgeous nail art on BOTH hands! No longer be limited by your dominant hand! Whether you’re a lefty or a righty, we believe that both hands should get the same beauty treatment. The Miracle Mat makes it possible for you.
❤︎ Keep your beads and rhinestones from rolling around. You spend a lot on your sparklies, keep them off the carpet and out of the vacuum cleaner.
❤︎ Design testing. Even Michelangelo had a sketch book he used to test his ideas out before painting the Sistine Chapel. Now you can get it right before you put it on.
❤︎ Decal creation. Don’t let the curves of your nails hold you back from creating
❤︎ Stamp surface. Speed is of the essence in stamping. Stress less with fewer smudges and smears by stamping your designs on the Miracle Mat first, and then simply applying to your nails.
❤︎ Custom nail sizing grids. No more wasting time trimming your decals to fit your nails. The Simply Neat Miracle Mat has your nail size in mind with the sizing grids. Simply measure your nail and you’ll know exactly how big to make your decals.
❤︎ Paint brush cleaning station. No need to dirty cups, keep it all your art on the mat - We’ve got you covered.
❤︎ Acetone dip cups. Get salon quality manicure and clean up your cuticle line so it doesn’t look like a toddler helped you with your nails.


❤︎ Simplifies nail art and make it accessible to everybody.
❤︎ Create and contain circles. Holds beads, rhinestones, charms, water, acetone, paint.
❤︎ Nail sizing grids. For custom decal sizing unique to YOU.
❤︎ Stamping surface. Black and white testing zones to test stamping designs styles, designs, spacing etc. with different quality and colors of polishes.
❤︎ Made from durable USDA Food Grade Silicone
❤︎ Approximate Size: 16 in. (L) x 12 in. (W)
❤︎ CARE: Simply wipe clean with acetone and paper towel or cotton ball. Store flat on your work space, or rolled up in your favorite nail supply nook or cranny.

It’s more fun when you get gasps and oohs and ahs from everyone who sees your gorgeous, salon-quality manicure. It’s not just your besties who’ll be raving. Complete strangers will be impressed.

And -oh- the satisfaction you’ll get when they ask where you got your nails done and you get to say … “I did it myself!”

You’ll just have more fun when you let your inner creative goddess out to play.

The Miracle Mat embodies everything you’ve come to expect from our Bliss Kiss line of products. Impeccable quality. Massive value. Excessive joy.

Because we believe there is no such thing as too many bottles of polish.

Prettier nails in less time. That’s what the Bliss Kiss™ Simply Neat Manicure Mat™ will do for you.

The Manicure Mat people love.

The Bliss Kiss™ Manicure Mat is Simply Neat.

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Simply Neat™ Manicure Mat:
You Spoke. We Listened! Check out the new, upgraded design. More white workspace!Meet your new favorite art tool that does the heavy lifting for you. Say goodbye to damaged workspaces and say hello to more creativity and fun!
Unleash your inner creative goddess!:
Whether you're testing new designs, practicing stamping, decals, water marbling, the Miracle Mat™ will help you get gorgeous nail art on both hands!