Semi-Annual Skin Disorder Challenge



If you struggle with eczema or psoriasis and are frustrated with lack of results from the standard treatments, remedies, and prescriptions, Simply Pure™ might be able to help relieve your symptoms.  

We’ve had a number of Blissette’s share their stories about how using our Simply Pure™ oil has helped with eczema, psoriasis, granuloma annular, and other skin disorders (including Ana’s 3 sons).

One of the most frustrating challenges of dealing with a chronic skin condition is the lack of a permanent "cure." Once a skin condition like eczema, psoriasis, granuloma annular show up, it's there for life. 

The chronic condition conundrum puts you in the position of managing symptoms. And the most frustrating part of managing symptoms for skin disorders, is that many treatments only work for a limited period of time before symptoms flare up again. Grr! 

Symptom Relief Through Hydration

ana-border.jpgAna developed Simply Pure™ to solve the problems caused by dry brittle nails. It turns out that Simply Pure™ delivers powerful hydration to skin, too!

The molecule size of jojoba wax ester (the primary ingredient in Simply Pure™) is remarkably similar to the molecule your own natural skin oils. This allows your skin to absorb the oil to allow for hydration (unlike many common lotions and creams developed to treat skin disorders that contain drying ingredients like water, alcohol, and petroleum). The unique synergistic combination of the eight ingredients in Simply Pure's formula is unlike anything else. 

Ana called the recipe Simply Pure™ because it's free of any preservatives, parabens, and unnecessary additives. It's safe enough to eat. (But we don't recommend that - skin loves it, but it's not super delicious for your taste buds.)