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Popular Articles

How to Remove Your Cuticle

The RIGHT Way to Remove Your Cuticle 


One of the secrets to getting your manicure to last longer is to remove the cuticle from your nail plate. 

MYTH-BUSTING FACTS: We've been taught the incorrect definition for the “cuticle.”

The tight band of skin at the base of your nail plate is NOT the cuticle. That band of skin is called the “Keratinized Proximal Nail Fold Tissue” or “nail fold."

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What causes white spots on nails

What Are White Spots on Nails?


“My husband used to have a LOT of white spots on his nails, and he recently radically changed his diet. He fell off the wagon for one week and ate a bunch of junk food.

I was reading him your article, and he showed me his nails. Nine of them have a white spot in the exact same spot of the nail, which he believes is from the week of junk food.

My thought is that you know what you are talking about, and I’m confused, because he didn’t slam all ten of his fingers in the car door at the same time, so what could have caused the single white spots all in the same length of his nails?” ~Kari

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