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Infant Mini Clippers

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Pocket-Sized Perfection

Small, sharp and easy to hold, these mini infant clippers make it easy to gently trim your hangnails. Trimming away too much live skin can make you vulnerable to infection and pain.  

These clippers are made for GENTLE trimming of skin, and are NOT strong enough to handle the more heavy duty nail trimming.


Ana has always recommended everyone keep a pair of small infant nail clippers on hand. We've had a lot of feedback from our customers that these little nail clippers aren't easy to find (especially from our international Blissettes), or that the ones they were able to find that the quality was not great.

After working with our new and growing support group for biting and picking, we knew we needed to offer a solution. So that's what we did!

Ana's Criteria for these Mini Clippers

  • Sharp, but not too sharp. Dull blades can do as much damage as blades that are too sharp. The sharp cutting edge of these clippers safely deliver smooth, clean cuts.
  • Size of the clippers. Size is about more than being portable. Blades that are too big make it a bit too easy to accidentally clip too much nail or skin. 
  • Shape of the blades. You can do a lot of damage with some clippers. Ana wanted just the right shape of clippers so you won't clip too much nail or skin.
  • Gentle. It's so important to not cut away live skin. These clippers are MADE FOR GENTLE USE ONLY! NOT FOR TRIMMING THICK FINGERNAILS.

Perfect for:

You'll never leave home without them!

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Tidy Up Your Hangnails:
Pocket-sized perfection to help you gently trim hangnails.