Stop Nail Biting



This is something new we've been working on all year to bring to you! 

Our mission as a company is to create life-changing products with exceptional customer service. And we really mean it! 

Many of our followers (and some of our team - including Ana's husband, Cory) struggle with biting and picking at their nails and the skin around their nails. We get that it can be really big problem! And one that is very, very challenging to change.

We've gotten feedback from a number of our followers who've used our Simply Pure™ nail oil and were able to get great results in shifting lifelong biting/picking habits to FINALLY get the long, beautiful, and healthy nails they've always wanted.



We decided it was time to put our heads together and figure out how we could help MORE people overcome the struggle, frustration, and shame that so frequently accompanies nail biting and picking. 

We've learned a lot from working with a test group of volunteers. And we've been so thrilled to be a part of their journeys and to offer support and encouragement along the way!

So, while this is a big project that we will continue to work to research and develop, we've definitely made a lot of progress in the right direction and we are continuing to learn and figure out more tips and tricks to help create lasting change in a behavior that has caused many to give up hope altogether.


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  • ❤︎ The PDF ebook of all the slides/notes from the video.
  • ❤︎ Access to the Private Bliss Kiss™ Nail Biting/Picking support group on Facebook where you'll get access to Ana and the Bliss Kiss™ team and other fellow biters/pickers to support you in your journey.

Oh, and it's 100% FREE to participate! 

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We look forward to seeing YOUR results!

Sending you Bliss!