Is Straight Jojoba Better than Simply Pure™ Nail Oil?

Posted by Ana on Jun 4th 2013

ASK ANA: Is Straight Jojoba Better Than Pure™?


"If jojoba is so great for nails, cuticles, and hand skin, what about for the face, neck, and rest of the body? Will it work better than Pure™? Just curious. Thanks!" ~Sharon


Great question Sharon! Jojoba is great for all skin, especially since it's molecular structure is almost identical to our body oil, sebum. Nail Oil Molecular Structure of Sebum
Image courtesy of the Jojoba Co.
Nail Oil Molecular Structure of Sebum
Image courtesy of the Jojoba Co.

Besides costing 2 to 8 times more than other oils, a big problem is that jojoba is so concentrated. It's really difficult to apply a small enough amount without feeling like a greased pig at a county fair.

Mrs. Chemist has taught me that the body can only absorb at a certain rate.

It's a little like drinking water—you need to drink about 75-100 ounces of water per day (3 litres). The body absorbs all of it when delivered in small amounts through the day. If you tried to drink all that water in one sitting, you could kill yourself.

Your skin and nails work the same. They just won't absorb extra.

If you're going to use jojoba on your body, you'll want to mix it with other light oils, so you won't feel as greasy.


What is interesting is that two women closest to my heart decided to try straight jojoba after using Pure™—my mother and my best friend.

All my talk about the wonders of jojoba went to their heads and they decided that "more must be better".

My Best Friend

The last time we got together for coffee, I was giving Kirsten an update on my business and some of the questions fans were asking me, including using straight jojoba.

She immediately blurted, "Oh, I know it doesn't work the same!" She continued, "Pure™ is lighter feeling, sinks in faster and works better."

"I ran out of my first bottle of Pure Nail Oil™ and kept forgetting to reorder. When I stopped at Sally's Beauty Supply for some hair products, I noticed a bottle of straight jojoba oil as well as another cuticle oil that had jojoba (instead of mineral oil). I picked up one of each to give it a try.

It took me about a month to use entire bottle of cuticle oil. It seemed ok. Then I started using the straight jojoba. It seemed to be working fine.

One day while on the computer I finally remembered to order some Pure™. I started using it the day it came in the mail. I could tell a difference immediately in my nails.

I'll admit I was surprised!

After applying those first few coats of Pure™, I could feel such a huge difference. The Pure Nail Oil™ stayed on my nails longer than the straight jojoba and the jojoba-based cuticle oil. My nails felt smoother, more flexible, and far more hydrated after just one day.

Whatever magic you put into your recipe, it WORKS! While the other oils did an OK job and would be fine in a pinch, Pure™ is a superior product hands down. No more procrastination when ordering for me!" ~Kirsten

My Mom

My Mom, Mrs. Chemist, had the same experience. She hated the greasy feeling. So she concluded that it was because she was applying too much.

Here's what's funny...

My Mom is a retired neonatal baby nurse. She figured she would put the jojoba in a syringe with a tiny needle to drip a tiny drop on each nail near the eponychium (cuticle line). Well, that attempt failed in a big way! She ended up squirting jojoba everywhere!

She gave up and called me, "Ann, I need more of your oil pens."

In Conclusion

I find it interesting that I never decided to use just straight jojoba when I first started creating my nail oil. I was looking at ingredient lists on other cuticle oils and just decided to pick and choose ingredients I felt would work well. Unknowingly, I struck gold.

Over the next 4 months, my nails grew longer than they ever had before. When I banged them against something—they bent!

jojoba-oil-Nail Care HQ and brittle nails

There seems to be a synergistic relationship in the oil blend.

The picture to the right was taken the last day before I cut them significantly shorter. They were starting to interfere with my ability to accomplish tasks comfortably.

People always say they want their nails to grow longer. Nothing, except some illnesses, causes your nails to stop growing.

Longer nails are a direct result of less breaking. Pure Nail Oil™ helps keep your nails hydrated and flexible.

What Do You Think?

Have you experienced a difference between jojoba and Pure™? Please comment below ...