Ask Ana: Instagram Live Chat - September, 8 2017

Ask Ana: Instagram Live Chat - September, 8 2017

Posted by Ana Seidel on Oct 23rd 2017

Join Ana as she answers this weeks most pressing questions! 

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---Topic Shortcuts----

How Do I Care For My Nails? (1:35

Why Is It Important For Nail And Cuticle Oil Blends To Contain Jojoba Wax Ester? (2:55

Does Mineral Oil Penetrate The Nail Plate? (4:35

Does Polish Protect Your Nails From Water Absorption? (5:10)

What Effect Does Water Absorption Have On Your Nails? (5:21)

How Many Layers Does The Nail Plate Have? (7:40

Do You Have To Remove The Surface Of Your Nails For Products To Adhere? (9:25

How Long Does It Take For Your Nails To Completely Grow Out? (10:00

How Much Oil Do You Apply Per Day? (11:25

Do You Have A Case For Your Nail File? (13:05

Can You Use A File To Sand Down Finger Calluses? (17:00)

What Is The Difference Between The Two Nail Files? (20:15

What Is Your Favorite Nail Oil Scent? (24:50

What Is The Shelf Life Of Your Oil? (28:10

Is Bliss Kiss™ Planning On Carrying A Travel Kit? (29:44)

How Did You Develop the Simply Grab™? (31:20)

How Long Can You Store Simply Pure™ In The Fridge? (34:40)

Does The Oil Work The Same After It’s Been Frozen? (36:45

Will You Have A Nail File Case By The Next Sale? (39:10

How Often Can You Do The Overnight Hydration? (39:40)

Can I Clean My Under My Nails With A Nail Brush, Or Is It Too Harsh? (40:33)

What Does Autumn Smell Like? (41:25)

Are You Going To Polish Con? (44:23

Does The Temperature Of Water Affect How Quickly It Absorbs Into Your Nails? (45:25

Is It Important To Oil The Underside Of Your Nails? (49:50)

Why Is My Nail Lifting From My Nail Bed? It Seems To Happen After A Certain Length? (52:15)

My Nails Absorb The Oil Quickly, Should I Use More? (53:40

How Do I Remove Polish From The Underside Of My Nails? (56:40

When Is The Next Sale? (58:30)