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Ask Ana: Instagram Live Chat - September 28, 2018

Ask Ana: Instagram Live Chat - September 28, 2018

Posted by Ana Seidel on Feb 8th 2018

Join Ana as she advises on nail breaks, dish gloves, nail biters, and more!

---Topic Shortcuts---

How Is The Base Coat Testing Going? (2:35)

Contest Question: How Much Sleep Did Ana Get? (5:20)

Do You Have A Support Group For Nail Biters? (6:29)

Do You Have Any Tips For Nail Biters? (10:10)

Does Bliss Kiss™ Sell A Nail Care Travel Kit? (10:40)

If I Break My Bliss Kiss™ Nail File, Is There A Deadline On When I Can Return It? (12:00)

I Use Your Simply Pure™ Oil, But Still Get Hangnails. Why Is That? (13:14)

My Proximal Fold Grows Onto The Nail Plate. How Do I Treat That? (14:45)

Can I Use A File To Remove Dry Skin Instead Of Clipping It? (20:20)

Can I Use An Orange Wood Stick And Your Cuticle Oil To Remove My Cuticle? (24:30)

Why Does It Seem Like Beauty Schools Are Teaching The Wrong Things? (25:40)

Why Do Ridges Form? (26:45)

What Do You Think Of Polish Brands Claims Of Formulas That Grow Nails? (29:40)

Do Nitrile Gloves Work Better Than Latex Gloves With The Overnight Hydration? (31:10)

Are Cuticle Dissolvers Are OK To Use? (32:45)

Will You Sell Cases For The Nail File? (33:40)

What Do You Think Of CND Cuticle Remover? (35:55)

Can You Re-Use The Overnight Hydration Gloves You Sell? (36:55)

Do You Have A Tip For Avoiding Nail Breaks? (38:45)

Can You Recommend A Brand Of Dish Gloves? (39:10)

What Scent Of Simply Pure™ Do You Use? (40:35)

Do You Keep The 4-Oz Bottle Of Simply Pure™ In The Fridge? (44:40)

Can You Test The ProFX Ridge Filling Base Coat? (45:05)

How Do You Care For Flatter Nails? (45:30)

Is It In Any Way Damaging To Clip Your Nails? (48:25)

What Causes White Spots On The Nail Plate? (49:30)

What Technique Do You Use To Clip Your Nails? (50:50)

Is It Ok For Nail Techs To E-File The Nail Plate Or Proximal Fold Of The Nail Plate? (52:40)

Do Vinyl Gloves Work For The Overnight Hydration? (56:30)

Do You Ship To My Country? How Much Will Shipping Be? (57:30)

How Do You Choose The Right Nail Shape? (58:25)