Ask Ana: Instagram Live Chat - September 21, 2017

Ask Ana: Instagram Live Chat - September 21, 2017

Posted by Ana Seidel on Oct 23rd 2017

How do you get rid of ridges in the nail plate? Join Ana as she answers these questions and so many more! Also, giveaways!

---Topic Shortcuts---

Can You Apply Simply Pure™ Hydrating Oil To Your Toes? (1:05)

How Do You Compare CND Solar Oil To Simply Pure™ Hydrating Oil? (3:55)

What Is The Difference Between Body Oil and Jojoba Wax Ester? (5:25)

Why Do My Nails Still Peel And Separate Even After Using Simply Pure™ Oil And The Fab 5 Wrap? (9:10)

Do You Have A Favorite Pair Of Dish Gloves? (11:50)

Is There A Way To Open Carseats Without Breaking A Nail? (14:15)

Do You Sell Nitrile Gloves For The Overnight Hydration? (17:55)

Do You Sell Everything You Need For The Hydration Treatments In A Kit? (18:15)

Why Doesn’t Water Hydrate Our Skin? (20:30)

Does Your Oil Or Lotion Work To Help Treat The Symptoms Of Eczema? (22:22)

Does Almond Oil Penetrate The Nail Plate? (27:00)

Can You Use Pure Jojoba Wax Ester As A Cuticle Oil? (27:29)

Where Does Bliss Kiss™ Source It’s Jojoba Wax Ester? (28:48)

How Is Jojoba Wax Ester Made? (29:19)

What Makes Simply Pure™ Unique? (31:00)

How Often Do You Do The Overnight Hydration? (33:00)

How Long Should I Wait Between Layers Of Polish? (33:25)

Why Do Some Top Coats Shrink? (34:35)

Do You Have To File Your Nails In A Single Direction? (36:05)

I Emailed You, But Never Received A Response. Did You Receive It? (42:50)

Can You Get Rid Of Ridges In Your Nail? (44:25)

When I Remove My Polish, My Nail Tips Are Clear, But Soon Turn White After. Why? (48:10)

Do Any Of Those Additives In Polishes Or Base Coats Work To Strengthen Your Nails? (48:40)

Should I Use A Regular Base Coat On Top Of A Ridge Filling Base Coat? (51:40)

What Size Are The Kitchen Gloves You Sell? (53:40)

What Product Will You Launch Next? (55:50)

Do You Have A Preferred Ridge-Filling Base Coat? (56:55)

Are Latex Gloves OK To Use For The Overnight Hydration? (58:00)