Ask Ana: Instagram Live Chat - September 15, 2017

Ask Ana: Instagram Live Chat - September 15, 2017

Posted by Ana Seidel on Oct 23rd 2017

Join Ana as she answers your questions on Jojoba wax ester, splits in nails, and base coats!

---Topic Shortcuts---

I Work In An Office And My Nails Chip Constantly. Why Is That? (5:00)

Why Do Some Fingernails Grow Faster Than Others? (5:15)

Do Fingernails Grow Post Mortem? (5:35)

Why Do My Thumbs Always Split On The Sides? (6:40)

How Do You Fix Stress Fractures Or Splits In The Nail Plate? (11:00)

What Would You Say To Someone Who Has Never Tried The Simply Peel™ Latex Barrier? (12:15)

Can You Apply Too Much Simply Pure™ Oil On Your Skin? (15:38)

What Do I Do When My Nail Separates Into Layers At The Tips? (17:15)

What Dish Gloves Do You Recommend? (22:22)

Where Can I Find Thicker Nail Glue? (25:30)

Where Can I Purchase Nail Jewelry? (26:40)

Why Aren’t Your Nails Painted? (27:45)

Can I Use Nail Clippers To Cut My Nails? (32:50)

Whats The Best Way To Use Nail Clippers On Long Nails? (33:05)

Which Base Coat Is Best For Peeling Nails? (35:35)

How Many Ingredients Are In Simply Pure™ Hydrating Oil? (38:00)

Will We Ever See Bliss Kiss™ Products In Stores Like Sally Hansen? (42:45)

Does Simply Pure™ Have A Shelf Life? (42:55)

What Do You Recommend In A Base Coat? (45:10)

How Is Simply Pure™ Different Than CND Solar Oil? (46:35)

How Often Do You Use Nail Glue In Your Manicure? (50:20)

What Do I Do When I Have A Bad Break On A Nail, And My Nail Bed Is Partially Exposed? (50:55)

Are White Tips A Sign Of Healthy Nails? (54:00)

What If Base Coats Don’t Extend The Life Of My Polish? (54:30)

If I Have Pronounced C-Curves In My Nails, Can I File Them In the Coffin Style? (54:50)

My Nails Chip Even With Polish And Nail Oil. Why? (56:25)

Have You Ever Considered Going To Polish Con (57:55)

How Long Is The Summer Scent Available? (58:35)