Ask Ana: Instagram Live Chat - October 4, 2017

Posted by Ana Seidel on Feb 8th 2018

Join Ana as she answers questions about nail repairs, liquid bandage, tips for applying polish, and much more!

---Topic Shortcuts---

What Are Some Of The Things That Frustrate You About Nail Care? (3:00)

Do You Have Suggestions For Doing The Overnight Hydration On My Toenails? (3:50)

What Are You Thoughts On Liquid Bandage? (4:45)

What Are Your Thoughts On Liquid Cuticle Remover? (5:50)(34:25)

What Is The Intended Purpose For Your Simply Peel™ Latex Barrier? (8:00)

Is It Damaging To Wear A Nail Strengthener For A Prolonged Period Of Time? (8:42)

How Did Bliss Kiss™ Start? (12:40)

How Long Has Bliss Kiss™ Been In Business? (15:55)

Question Of The Week? What Is Ana’s Favorite Color? (16:40)

I’ve Been Using A Nail Glue With A Powder, But I Still Get Splits In The Nails? Is The Powder Harming My Nails? (17:40)

I Have A Habit Of Picking Polish, What Do You Recommend? (21:25)

Is Picking At Polish Damaging? (23:25)

How Do I Deal With A Torn Nail That’s Still Partially Attached To The Skin? (25:50)

Can You Recommend A Good Nail Clean-Up Brush? (30:20)

What’s Your Number 1 Tip For Applying Polish? (31:35)

Why Does My Nail Plate Flake? (34:50)

What Do You Recommend For Cuticle Care? (37:05)

If You Damage Your Nail Matrix, Can The Damage Be Reversed? (38:30)

Do You Think Filing Nails Makes Them Grow Faster Than Cutting Them? (42:25)

When Applying Your Simply Pure™ Nail Oil, Do You Apply It To The Skin Around Your Fingernails As Well? (46:25)

Why Do You Have An Unscented Oil, Instead Of More Scented Options? (48:30)

My Skin Seems Drier After Applying Your Oil, Could I Have A Vitamin-A Allergy? (49:50)

How Do I Stop Picking At Polish And Biting My Nails? (51:31)

How Do I Grow Longer Nails? (53:25)

Why Do The Tips Of My Nails Turn White? (54:30)

How Do You Like To Market Your Simply Pure™ Hydrating Oil? (56:00)