Ask Ana: Instagram Live Chat - October 26, 2017

Ask Ana: Instagram Live Chat - October 26, 2017

Posted by Ana Seidel on Feb 8th 2018

Join Ana as she discusses water damage, nail file cases, ridges in your nails, and nail fungus!

---Topic Shortcuts---

How Did You Start Bliss Kiss? (0:35)

Why Are Your Products So Pricey? (3:50)

How Is Your Oil Different From Other Cuticle Oils? (6:40)

How Many Scents Does Your Oil Come In? (7:45)

I Use Your Oil But My Nails Still Peel, Why? (8:20)

How Does Water Damage Your Nails? (9:05)

What Should I Do About My Nail’s Peeling Tips? (10:19)

Contest Question: What Project Did You Finish Recently? (14:15)

Why Do My Nails Only Peel And Split Around The Dramatic Ridge Lines? (15:50)(22:35)

Do You Sell Cases For Your Nail File? (18:20)

What Contests Can I Enter To Win Bliss Kiss Products? (20:30)

What Makes Your Crystal Nail File So Great? (21:25)

What Are Ridges And Why Have They Formed In My Nail Over Time? (23:00)

Why Do Some Polishes Last Longer Than Others? (25:15)

Should I Use A Base Coat Under My Manicure? (26:15)

Why Does Polish Peel In The Shower? (28:10)

Does Water Penetrate The Nail Plate? (30:30)

How Does Simply Pure™ Help “Heal” Nails? (32:15)

What’s The Difference Between Jojoba Wax Ester And Body Oil? (33:00)

Is Pure Jojoba Wax Ester Better Than An Oil Blend For Nails? (34:20)

Is It Possible To Have An Allergy To Simply Pure™ (37:20)

Will A Nail That’s Pulled Away From The Nail Bed Reattach? (39:50)

What Causes Nails To Shred After Filing? (41:58)

Does Oil Penetrate Nail Polish? (44:15)

Why Should You Wrap Your Tips? (45:00)

How Do You Enter Bliss Kiss Contests? (46:45)

How Many Days Do You Need To Let Your Nails Breathe? (48:00)

What Is The White “Moon” On My Nails? (48:30)

What Causes White Lines To Show In The Nail Plate? (48:50)

Should Nails Be Transparent? (49:55)

Should You Have Breaks Between Manicures? (51:50)

Can Polish Bottles Get Contaminated With Nail Fungus? (52:29)

Do You Need To Use The Same Brand Base Coat As Polish For Best Results? (53:50)

Where Else Can I Find Those Overnight Hydration Gloves? (55:15)