Ask Ana: Instagram Live Chat - October 19, 2017

Ask Ana: Instagram Live Chat - October 19, 2017

Posted by Ana Seidel on Feb 8th 2018

Join Ana as she talks about the effects of stress on nails, her husband doing her manicure, the efficacy of mineral oil and much more!

---Topic Shortcuts---

Will You Have Cory On One Of Your Lives Again? (0:55)(46:30)

Do You Have An Update On Your Base Coat Testing? (3:35)

Why Do Nails Tear On The Sides? (4:55)

What Do People Mean When They Refer To Their “C-Curve?” (5:30)

Is Water Moisturizing When Applied Externally To Our Skin? (9:50)

Do Different Oils Hydrate The Skin Differently? (10:55)

Does Jojoba Wax Ester Penetrate The Nail Plate? (12:30)

What Is A Carrier Oil? (12:45)

What Is Mineral Oil And Where Does It Come From? Rocks? (16:45)

Do You Know @simplynailogical AKA Christine? (19:45)

How Do You Know The Jojoba Wax Ester In Your Products Is 100% Pure? (21:20)

When Is The Nail File Case Going To Be Up For Sale? (22:15)

What Are The Newest Products Offered By Bliss Kiss? (23:40)

I Use Your Oil, But My Eponychium Feels Hard And I Always Resort To Cutting It. What Should I Do? (25:25)

Why Did You Create The Simply Sealed™ Lotion? (26:50)

When Should I Use The Simply Sealed™ Lotion? (32:55)

Should You Clip Your Cuticle? (32:50)(55:35)

What Is The Overnight Hydration? (38:20)

Do You Sell The Simply Pure™ In Glass Bottles? (39:00)

How Much Simply Pure™ Oil Should You Apply To The Nail? (39:45)

How Do You Clean Your Simply Pure™ Glass File? (42:40)

My Lips Crack So Much They Bleed; Will Simply Kissed™ Help Them (43:10)

I Had A Health Issue 4 Months Ago, And Now Have A Vertical Bump In My Nail. Why? (47:15)

I Have Some Oil From 2015, But It Doesn’t Smell Like Crisp Anymore. Can I Still Use It? (54:20)

I Have A Toenail That Is Very Thick, Has Black Lines That Grow With The Nail. What’s Going On? (57:45)