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Ask Ana: Instagram Live Chat - November 16, 2017

Ask Ana: Instagram Live Chat - November 16, 2017

Posted by Ana Seidel on Feb 8th 2018

Join Ana as she talks about ridge filling base coats, nail growth, brittle nails, and more!

---Topic Shortcuts---

Is All Jojoba Oil Created Equal? (2:30)

Is Using Pure Jojoba Better Than Your Simply Pure™ Hydrating Oil? (6:40)

Does Mineral Oil Work To Hydrate Your Nails? (8:15)

Will You Post An Article On You Testing Ridge Filling Base Coats? (10:35)

Do You Sell Your Products In Arab Countries? How Long Does Shipping Take? (11:35)

Do You Offer Shipping International Shipping Options Other Than USPS? (15:25)

Does Simply Pure™ Strengthen Brittle Nails? (16:20)

Does Temperature Effect How The Oil Absorbs? (20:25)

Why Do My Nails Grow Crooked? (21:40)

Can You Change The Thickness Of Your Nails? (23:10)

How Long Does It Take To Ship A Package To Alberta, Canada? (25:13)

Should I Store My Oil In The Fridge? (25:30)

Is The Simply Pure™ Nail Oil Pen Refillable? (27:10)

Is There A Video Demonstrating Your Fab 5 Wrap? (29:10)

Do Your Products Work On Eczema and Psoriasis? (31:30)

Are Glue-On Nails Damaging To The Natural Nail Plate? (33:45)

Is Vitamin-D3 Helpful For Hair And Nail Growth? (39:05)

Does Your Oil Work On Sled Or Spoon-Shaped Nails? (42:15)

Do You Have To Rub The Oil Into Your Skin? (44:05)

Can You Take The Top Off The Pen And Replace It To Re-Use The Oil Pen? (45:10)

I Use To Have Long And Strong Nails, But Since Starting A Retail Job My Nails Have Suffered! Why? (45:55)

What Are Good Techniques On Remembering To Apply Nail Oil More Often? (48:35)

I Have Really Bad Eczema On My Elbow, Will Your Simply Pure™ Oil Help? (50:50)

Contest Question: What Is The Only Dumb Question? (54:20)

My Nails Curve Upwards On My Left Hand, But They Didn’t Always. Why? (54:40)

How Long Does It Take For Your Nails To Replace Themselves? (56:40)