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Ask Ana: Instagram Live Chat December 20, 2017

Ask Ana: Instagram Live Chat December 20, 2017

Posted by Ana Seidel on Feb 8th 2018

Join Ana as she discuses nail art, stampers, mats, base coats and more!

---Topic Shortcuts---

Did You Develop The Simply Neat™ Mat and The Stamp & Scrape™ At The Same Time? (1:15)

Will Any Of Your Seasonal Scents Be Available Year-Round In The Simply Sealed™ Lotion Stick? (3:05)(13:30)

Are The Simply Pure™ Pens Still Filled By Hand? (4:45)

Does Simply Pure™ Help Heal Cuts? (8:20)

Do You Have A Recommendation For A Ridge Filling Base Coat? (12:15)

Why Did You Create The Lotion Stick? (18:00)

I Have Very Clear Vertical Lines On Some Nails; Are These Ridges And What Should I Do? (19:30)(34:15)

Can People Have Allergies To Different Types Of Polishes? (21:10)

Do You Offer Special Gloves For Your Overnight/3-Day Hydration Treatment? (23:30)

What Is Included IN The New Travel Case? (25:10)

I Don’t Like To Wear Gloves When Washing Dishes. Do You Have A Product That Is Water-Resistant? (29:50)

Are Dip Powders Bad For Your Nails? (30:35)

My Large Nail File Broke; Can You Recommend A Case For Them? (36:45)

Do You Have A Recommendation For Removing UV Gel Nail Polish? (39:10)

Can You Damage Your Nail By Scraping Polish Off With An Orange Wood Stick? (39:45)

What Are Beau’s Lines, Why Do They Form, And How Can You Treat Them? (40:50)

Can Stress Affect Your Nails Negatively? (46:55)

Can Bliss Kiss™ Products Help My Nails If I Suffer From A Hyper Thyroid Issue? (47:50)

Can Polish Stain Your Nails Yellow, And Is That Harmful? (51:35)

Have You Decided On A New Flavor Of Lip Balm? (55:50)

Contest Question (56:45)

I Have Black Bruises On My Nails, Should I Be Worried? (59:05)