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Ask Ana: Instagram Live Chat - December 14, 2017

Ask Ana: Instagram Live Chat - December 14, 2017

Posted by Ana Seidel on Feb 8th 2018

Join Ana as she discuses our January sale, filing your nails, caring for your cuticles and more!

---Topic Shortcuts---

Can Bliss Kiss™ Products Help With Nail Biting Or Skin Picking Behavior? (4:50)(13:25)

Are You The Hand Model In All The Bliss Kiss™ Photos? (7:35)

When Is The Bliss Kiss January Sale Taking Place? (11:30)

Does Your Website Have A Wish List Or Gift Cards? (11:45)

How Long Does An Oil Pen Last On Average? (13:55)

Are There Coupons For The January Sale? (16:55)

Should You Apply Cuticle Oil Under The Nail Tip? (17:45)

How Do You Prevent Polish From Chipping In The Shower? (18:00)

Does Removing The Cuticle From The Nail Plate Prevent Polish From Chipping? (19:30)

Why Do The Layers Of My Nails Peel? (21:10)

Can I Use A Nail File On Peeling Nails? (21:00)

Can You File Nails In Both Directions? (21:50)

Is There A Tool You Can Use To File The Underside Of Your Fingertips? (26:45)

How Does Removing Your Cuticle Help Your Manicure? (28:00)

Is Polish Bad For Your Nails? (30:30)

What Is The Most Damaging Thing For Your Nails? (31:25)

Is Acrylic Polish Bad For Your Nails? (34:00)

Can You Use The Simply Sealed™ Lotion Stick On Your Nails And Cuticles? (36:00)

What Happens When Your Nails Absorb Water? (37:20)

Can Gel Polish Harm Your Nails? (38:00)

Does Simply Pure™ Help With Wrinkles? (42:35)

Can I Email You Pictures Of My Nail Problems? (44:55)

Does Applying Simply Pure™ Hydrating Oil Help With Nail Biting Behavior? (45:25)

How Often Should You Apply Nail Oil ? (46:15)

What Is In The Bliss Kiss™ Travel Kit? (48:00)

What Do I Do If I Have A Problem With My Bliss Kiss™ Order From Amazon? (50:05)

My Polish Always Chips Around My Nail Plate, Why? (51:50)

Contest Question (53:40)

Do Bliss Kiss™ Products Help With Eczema Flair Ups? (54:20)

Would A Cuticle Oil Help Brittle Nails? (56:35)