Ask Ana: Instagram Live Chat - August 17, 2017

Ask Ana: Instagram Live Chat - August 17, 2017

Posted by Ana Seidel on Sep 1st 2017

Join Ana in this weeks live chat as she discusses nail health, stress fractures, gel polish, and more!

---Topic Shortcuts---

Will The Simply Sealed™ Lotion Stick Be Available In The Pink Sugar Or Autumn Scents? (3:00)

Why Did You Create The Fab 5 Wrap? (7:00)

Do You Have An Opinion On Froot Loop Fragrances? (10:20)

Are You Testing New Fragrances For Your Simply Kissed™ Lip Balm? (11:00)

What Does Bliss Kiss™ Use To Scent Products? (12:00)

Do You Sell Your Products On Amazon? (13:20)

Both My Thumbs Get Stress Fractures On The Sides. Is This From Cleaning The UnderSides Of My Nails? (15:45)

Should I Keep The Simply Pure™ Dropper Bottle In The Fridge? (20:20)

Will The Simply Sealed™ Lotion Stick Be Available In The Vanilla Scent? (21:40)

Can I Use Latex Gloves For The Overnight Hydration? (22:15)

Is The Simply Sealed™ Lotion Stick “As Good” As The Simple Pure™ Oil? (23:08)

Is There A Fall Sale Or Coupon Code I Can Use? (28:30)(29:40)

Can You Do The Overnight Hydration On Your Toenails? (30:00)

How Did You Discover The Soak & Swipe™ Manicure Clips? (31:15)

Does Scrubbing Polish Stain Your Nail Plate? (33:24)

Can I File The Stained Layers Of Nail Off? (33:45)

Are You Testing Ridge-Filling Base Coats? (34:28)

Is Gel Polish Safe For Nails? (36:30)

Do You Have Tips For Removing Gel Polish? (38:10)

Why Does My Gel Polish Instruct Me To Use An Orange Wood Stick To Scrape Off Undissolved Polish? (39:15)

Why Don’t The Simply Pure™ Oil Pens From My Amazon Order Smell As Strong As The Oil Ordered From Your Website During The Sale? (44:00)

How Do You Treat Peeling Nails? (47:59)

What’s The Difference Between Your Simply Pure™ Oil And Jojoba Oil? (49:00)

How Did You Create The Autumn Scent For Bliss Kiss™ (53:05)

Where Can I Find Support Groups For Nail Biters And Eczema? (54:50)

Are There Plans For A Bliss Kiss™ Stamping Plate? (58:40)