Ask Ana: Facebook Live Chat - August 25, 2017

Ask Ana: Facebook Live Chat - August 25, 2017

Posted by Ana Seidel on Sep 1st 2017

Join Ana as she discusses proper care of the pterygium, calluses, the Ultimate Bliss Box, and more!

---Topic Breakdowns---

My C-Curve Relaxes After Mini-Hydrations, Is This Normal? (1:40)(6:35)

Do You Watch @simplynailogical? (3:15)

Are You Nail Oil Pens Refillable? (7:35)

Which Ridge-Filling Base Coat Do You Love? (11:00)

Have You Tried Thermal Polishes? What Is Your Opinion On Them? (12:30)

Is Cutting The Cuticle Bad For It? (13:50)

I Have Skin On The Underside Of My Fingernails (Pterygium), Can I File It Off? (16:35)

Are Acrylic Nails Bad? (19:20)

What’s Your Favorite Nail Polish Brand? (24:25)

Do You Have An Opinion On Sally Hansen Polishes? (26:00)

Do Nail Hardeners Do What They Advertise? (27:35)

Do You Have An Option To Buy All Your Manicure Products In One Set? (35:05)

Has @simplynailogical Stopped Using Your Products?

Can I Use Vinyl Gloves For The Overnight Hydration? (38:15)

Why Do We Call It Cuticle Oil If We Apply It To The Proximal Fold Of The Eponychium? (4:15)

Is Nail Glue And Silk A Safe Repair Method? (43:00)

Can You Use Super Glue To Temporarily Stop Peeling Nail Tips? (44:38)

The Cuticle Area Of One Of My Fingers Is Rough And Callused. Will This Ever Change? (45:45)

Can I Use A File To Remove Finger Calluses? (48:43)

My Polish Station Always Smells Like Polish. Is This Bad For My Health To Always Smell Polish? (49:40)

Does Eating Healthy Help With Strong Nails? (51:35)

Is Nail Thickness Genetic? (53:25)

How Much Water Should You Drink In A Day? (54:00)

What Do Suggest For Nails That Tear On The Sides? (55:25)

Do You Have An Opinion On Crayola Collaboration? (56:50)