Ask Ana: Facebook Live Chat - August, 17 2017

Ask Ana: Facebook Live Chat - August, 17 2017

Posted by Ana Seidel on Sep 1st 2017

Join Ana as she discusses nutrients in nail polish, salon manicures, and much more live on Facebook!

---Topic Shortcuts---

Can You Use Simply Pure™ On Your Toenails? (1:20)

Will You Collaborate With @simplynailogical? (1:40)

Could You Demonstrate How To Clean Under You Nails Without Damaging Them? (4:35)

How Do You Shape Your Nails With A File? (5:50)

I’ve Seen Bloggers Use A Cuticle Remover On The Back Of Their Nails; Why? (10:03)

Why Does My Pinky Nail Grow Slower Than My Other Nails? (11:40)

Do You Recommend The Fab 5 Wrap For Gel Polish? (13:20)

I Have Skin On The Underside Of My Nails, What Can I Do? (15:10)

I Don’t Wear Polish, But My Nails Are Yellow: Why? (16:55)

Why Does It Seem Like My Nails Are More Damaged After A Salon Visit? (18:50)

What’s The Best Way To Remove Gel Polish Or Acrylic Nails? (19:23)

Do You Have An Opinion On Born Pretty? (21:50)

Where Can I Get Quality Stamping Plates? (22:45)

Does The Simply Sealed™ Lotion Stick Help With Dry Cracked Skin? (26:05)

Is Your Simply Pure™ Hydrating Oil Safe For Pregnancy? (26:22)

How Should I Clean My Simply Neat™ Miracle Mat? (27:20)

Why Do My Nails Get Sore After Removing My Polish? (31:15)

Do Nails Need To “Breathe” Between Manicures? (32:55)

Why Is Jojoba Wax Ester Effective As A Cuticle Oil? (34:00)

Do The Nutritional Additives In Some Polishes Actually Work? (35:45)

Do You Test Your Products On Animals? (31:58)

Have You Found A Favorite Base Coat Yet? (43:20)