About Simply Peel™

The Story Behind Simply Peel™

The Search

peel-300x-no-background.pngFor two years Ana has wanted a solution to the skin protein dissolving power of cuticle removers.

If they touch her skin, then she gets those tiny, peeling skin hangnails below her eponychium (cuticle line).

Does this happen to you? If it does, here’s why…

The main ingredient is lye, which is caustic. However, it is the very best ingredient to break down human protein cells. The problem is that lye doesn’t care if the cells are dead (cuticle on the nail plate…gotta go) or live eponychium…(gotta stay).

Ana asked her Mom (Mrs. Chemist)…”is there any way we can get the benefit of the cuticle removers without the damage?” Her response… “Just don’t let it touch your skin. Lye is the very best ingredient to dissolve skin protein cells.”

Ach!!! Easier said than done!  

How do you get an important skin dissolving product to not touch your skin? It’s darn near impossible.

In fact, Ana has seen many videos of girls and women rubbing cuticle remover all the way up to the first knuckle!

Ana started doing extensive research and discovered that liquid latex just might solve the problem. She tested 6 different liquid latex products, working to figure out, “how can this be helpful with nail care” and “how can I create a product that is good enough to carry the Bliss Kiss™ name?”

Not one product on it’s own made Ana happy. She felt a little like Goldilocks and the 3 Bears … this one is too thick, this one is too thin, this one takes too long to dry… And not one of them was “just right."

She spent two months working to formulate a combination of ingredients to create something that was “just right." Ana also sent Simply Peel™ liquid latex barrier to 35 nail artists and bloggers for their feedback for improvement. Their input was invaluable.

Ana's Product Development Criteria

  1. Easy to apply in a few quick strokes
  2. Must dry quickly
  3. Have a low ammonia odor
  4. Peels off in one piece
  5. Protect the skin from cuticle removers
  6. Be durable enough to work with sponging and marbling nail art
  7. And lastly ... make you happy.

The final result is Simply Peel™ Latex Barrier. Ana chose the polish bottle over other containers for several reasons.

  • A 15 ml polish bottle is a great value for the investment.
  • The polish brush provides quick application
  • The plastic polish bristles are easy to clean.
  • Liquid latex destroys natural or synthetic hair art brushes.

And the best part? Simply Peel™ liquid latex barrier contains a spine tingling amount of an incredibly glorious, iridescent GLITTER! What could be better? You know it's dry when you sparkle.





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