The Challenge & Contest

 Ready for Gorgeous, Strong Nails?

Want to get rid of hangnails and hydrate your nails?



We Want You To Take the NEW 30-Day Get Naked Challenge


gnc-ebook-cover-july.pngThe BEST way to get started on your journey to longer, stronger nails is the HYDRATE! When you take the 3 Day "Get Naked" Challenge, you'll get a big kickstart toward:

  • Less peeling
  • More bending and less breaking and chipping
  • Healed hangnails and cuticles
  • Nails that grow longer and stronger

And when you take the Challenge with a friend, you'll have a buddy being brave with you while you BOTH give your nails an awesome boost!

It's free to participate, and we'll send you a free ebook that will walk you through everything you need to know about getting the gorgeous nails you've always wanted. 


WHEN: The official dates of the contest are

February 1st - March 2nd


It's gonna be a blast! AND! We are giving away $75, $25, and $10 in Bliss Bucks to the randomly selected winners who participate in the Challenge.



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