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Affiliate Terms

Easy Way To Get Started

Once you sign up, you'll receive an individual affiliate ID has been created for you.

You'll find everything you need to recommend us to your friends. We've created a unique 'Tell a friend' link just for you. Make sure when you recommend us you give your friends this link, which will let us know that you recommended them.

We've also created some handy shortcuts if you'd like to share your link via email or your favorite social networks.

Thank you!

— Tips For Success —

Create a NAIL CARE Tab On Your Website

Create a page that has all of your favorite nail care and nail art products. As people visit your page for nail art, they will want to click on your nail care tab so they can have nails like yours!


As an affiliate, you are welcome to use any of the photos of our products to include on your page***.

 Be sure to include several of your favorite products with descriptions of why you love them.

A brilliant example is on SimplyNailogical's nail care tab available at Please don't copy Cristine's page, but use it as an idea generator of how you can create a page that has your own flair and will help your followers.


Another example is available at Smart Passive Income's Resources page available at I originally got the idea from Pat, and he makes a lot of money with his affiliate links on that page. 

How NOT to Share

Spam sucks! Don't do it!


Most people don't appreciate pushy sales pitches, especially on Facebook and Instagram where they come to relax and have fun. So a post like the following will likely be ignored:

"Hey, I just found out about this amazing nail oil! Please order through my link!" 

This approach will make all your friends run for the hills!

The BEST Way To Share

Everyone starts as a newbie somewhere asking questions. Be like a big sister/brother and answer other people's questions. If they're having problems with their nails, identify with them—you know exactly how they feel. Then provide your affiliate link for them to do further research, in the exact same way you would if you weren't an affiliate. 

Shorten Your Affiliate Link 

Use link shortening services like, or to make your affiliate link look more attractive.

Take your URL that looks like: (XX is just for demonstration)

(or whatever link you are using) and change it to or (replace Jessica with your name or blog name).

When creating the link in your blog posts, type out the entire link IN your post Then highlight the entire link and activate it with the hyperlink button. 

Do not type "click here" and make that a live link. It's difficult to find for your readers—especially for the people who only scan blog posts and don't read every word. You want to make it easy for readers to find and click on your affiliate links.

Here's a great example of how I worked links into text:

Official Stuff

Affiliates must be customers of our products in order to promote them. We welcome blog reviews that feature the positives as well as the negatives of our products.

Affiliates may NOT use their personal affiliate link for personal orders and will not be paid on those orders.

After signing up, you will be logged in and you can obtain your Affiliate Link code to post to your website and social media accounts in the Affiliates Area. Buyers who click your Affiliate Link will be redirected to your landing page URL while our system sets a referral cookie in the buyer's browser that expires in 4 months in a "last click" setting.

 Every purchase made from through your affiliate link during the lifespan of that cookie will earn the referring affiliate a 4% - 8.5% commission, depending on number of purchases in the month.



  • Commissions are paid only through PayPal. An account is required with**
  • Affiliate commissions are paid monthly
  • Commissions are paid by the end of the first full week of each month
  • Commissions are paid only when your unpaid balance is $10 or more

***PLEASE NOTE: Affiliate commissions are paid out 30 days in arrears. This means there is a 30 day delay for payment from when you first sign up for your account and when you receive your first commission payment(This allows us to make adjustments for any returns that might come in.)

So if you sign up in January and hit the $10 payout minimum, you will receive your payment through PayPal for January referrals by March 7th. Your commissions you earn in February will be paid out by April 7th. Your commissions you earn in March will be paid out by May 7th, etc.

Affiliates can view their referrals that generated a sale by logging into their Affiliate Dashboard. An affiliate who sends tons of traffic to our site doesn't count for much if they never generate any actual sales. Only actual sales generated by affiliate referrals count, regardless of how much or how little traffic you send our way.

What's Not Allowed

Any activities or behaviors that damage the image and reputation of, or Ana Seidel are forbidden and will result in permanent deletion of your affiliate status. If this occurs, any unpaid balance in your account at the time of your deletion will be forfeited.

    • Do not engage in slander toward Bliss Kiss™, its products, its team members or its community across all forms of communication. Do not engage in slander against any of our competitors or others in our industry. We are here to support each other and make the world a better place, one manicure at a time.
    • No hate speech. Any and all hate speech that attacks a person or group on the basis of attributes such as gender, ethnic origin, religion, race, disability, or sexual orientation is strictly prohibited and is grounds for immediate termination of this agreement.
    • No swearing or foul language in imagery or audio produced for Bliss Kiss™ or in your public timeline where the content you're creating and sharing for Bliss Kiss™ will be visible. No visible use of alcohol or other controlled or illegal substances.

As a representative of the Bliss Kiss team, your account must be in alignment with the Bliss Kiss company values. If you move away from these values, we reserve the right to end our agreement. 

Bliss Kiss™ Core Values

 We strive to always deliver impeccable quality, massive value, and excessive joy.

  • We believe in delivering BLISS through service.
  • We believe in embracing and driving change.
  • We believe in creating fun and a little weirdness.
  • We believe in being adventurous, creative, and open-minded.
  • We believe in pursuing growth and learning.
  • We believe in building open and honest relationships with effective communication.
  • We believe in building a positive team and family spirit.
  • We believe in doing more with less.
  • We believe in being passionate and determined.
  • We believe in being humble. 

Problems or Questions?


*NO EARNINGS PROJECTIONS, PROMISES OR REPRESENTATIONS: Examples have been provided for educational and illustration purposes only.

** PayPal is free and it is easy to get set up at Once you have your PayPal account set up, you can connect it with your bank account to easily transfer funds.
*** If you are NOT an affiliate, you do not have permission to use our photos.