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Simply Sealed™ Lotion Stick

Simply Sealed™ Lotion Stick

5 Stars

Product Description


SIMPLY SEALED™ Lotion Stick is a uniquely all natural, handmade alternative to bottled lotion. This luxurious lotion stick is silky smooth and packed with moisturizing goodness for your dry, sensitive skin.

Simply Sealed™ melts from the heat of your body allowing you to easily rub it in, while adding a protective water resistant barrier.

It's like nothing you've ever experienced before. A little goes a long way!


Simply Sealed™ is an exquisite blend of Mango butter, Coconut oil, Beeswax, Lanolin, Jojoba Wax Ester and Vitamin E.

It's perfect for sensitive skin since it's free of gluten, parabens and synthetic colors.

Fragrance Choices

Crisp: An intoxicating and effervescent blend of lemon zest, pink grapefruit, juicy pomegranate and spiced vanilla embody the subtle freshness of Crisp. We're pleased to be able to say that Crisp has a 99.9% LOVE rate among hundreds of customers.

post-it-allergy-alert-300No Fragrance Added: The same amazing lotion stick minus the fragrance—for those with allergies to essential oils or have a history of allergies to skin care products. The soft coconut and honey fragrance comes directly from the natural ingredients.



2 oz/ 60 grams


Remember—a little goes a long way! Rub the lotion stick against the back of each hand. It will melt with your body heat. Massage the lotion into your hands. If your palms feel too oily, then rub it into your forearms.

You'll be left with skin that feels hydrated and will repel water for 2 to 4 hand washings.

Bliss Kiss™ is 100 Percent GuaranteedEvery Bliss Kiss™ product comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you are not satisfied for any reason, let us know and we will replace your product or issue a full refund.



Due to the artisan/handmade nature of our products, batches may have slight variations in color, consistency or fragrance based on variations in the natural ingredients from our suppliers.

WE SHIP MONDAY - FRIDAY (except holidays)

Customer Satisfaction is our highest priority. We offer a 100% moneyback guarantee if your are not fully satisfied with any of our products. If you have an allergic response, contact us for a replacement. We can be reached Monday to Friday 9 am to 4:30 pm PST, through our Contact Us page and we will help with any issues or concerns. We strive to answer emails within 48 hours on business days.

NOTE: International orders can take up to 6 weeks to arrive.

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  1. I'm in love and addicted 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on Dec 1st 2016)

    I have this in the scent "Crisp." My family teases me that it's my "drug of choice." (Also the cuticle oil in the same scent) I use the lotion stick after I wash my hands from morning, all through the day, and again at bedtime. I've ordered cotton gloves so I really slather up at night and let it sink in. The scent is invigorating during the day but also seems to be calming at night. I have a mini stick in my bag, a full size in my living room and a full size by my bed. Yes, I am seriously addicted and I admit it. No other lotion can compare and having it in the stick makes it easy to apply to just the backs of my hands during the day and at night I can slather it on. You will love this - I do suggest trying the sampler of scents to find what you like, but Crisp is my favorite!

  2. It works! 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on Nov 8th 2016)

    This does exactly what it says. I purchased a sample pack and fell in love with this. It lasts through 2 to 4 hand washes, and as a nurse I find this extremely helpful when at home, or right after finishing my shift.

  3. Wonderful! 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on Nov 7th 2016)

    I love it's a stick! I put it on after the nail oil to seal it in. A little goes a long way, it absorbs quickly, and my hands are not dry anymore. This and the nail oil have really made a big difference in my nails and skin.

  4. really help heal damaged skin!!!! 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on Oct 6th 2016)

    this stuff is great, omg i love it :D
    i got a blister from helping my boyfriend with yard work, and it hurt really bad, it was right on the webbing of my index sand thumb finger, and i out some of this on it and covered it up with a bandaid, and it fully healed in 2 days, also my hands feel much less dry when i use this stuff, thank you all for sending me a replacement when the one i bought came melted, it came in perfect condition, thank you all s much, this s the best lotion that i have ever used, and it actually works for a lot of things and i dont have to use it every day :D which is also a plus.

  5. Moisturizing and convenient 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on Sep 12th 2016)

    I'm not a big fan of liquid lotions, I find they are too greasy and do not absorb. I love this stick, it's convenient and easier to use (for me). It leaves my hands soft and smells great.

  6. Very good product if you like moisturizing with oil 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on Aug 31st 2016)

    This is a solid oil stick, it smells really nice as the fragrance free version. There is mango butter and coconut oil in the stick and you can smell both, it is an oil that melts once you swipe it across your skin, so it is greasy and not great to use when you're busy. I really like to put normal lotion on at night then go over with the stick to seal all that moisture in. I think crisp smells like men's cologne so I would not recommend it, but fragrance free has a lovely light scent that fades pretty fast. Less is more, in the beginning you will use too much until you get used to the product. Works great on your feet, it's helped keep my heels from cracking. If you live in a hot climate the stick might show up melted, just leave it to cool down and it will solidify back up without any problems.

  7. Perfect Product, Fantastic Medium 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on Aug 24th 2016)

    I am a lotion person. I have extremely dry fingers due to wearing splints constantly so I apply lotion like it's a job. I also have a thing for my nails (splints again) and these products really make a difference in how my hands look and feel. The medium of a solid lotion stick is unexpectedly perfect - now that I've tried it I can't imagine not using it. It spreads perfectly and doesn't spill or drip, rubs in nicely and protects well. The only thing I would change is access to different scents. I love this stuff and vow to never be without it again.

  8. Love this! 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on Aug 10th 2016)

    This is an amazing product! It's so hydrating, smooth and makes my hand feel so soft! It is a little bit oily, but all the deliciousness soaks in super fast. By following Ana's articles, I learned that jojoba oil can actually penetrate into our nails and skin, hydrating them. So I would definitely recommend this to everyone!

  9. Wonderful! 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on Aug 1st 2016)

    If you out it on your Hands over night it's gonna be the heaven the next morning...smooth, good smelling (crisp)...
    I LOVE this Lotion stick so much!

  10. Amazing! 5 Star Review

    (Submitted on Jul 28th 2016)

    Simply wonderful! Leaves my hands so silky smooth

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