Simply Pure™ Hydrating Oil Pen

Simply Pure™ Hydrating Oil Pen
"Liquid gold" for your nails and cuticles in a convenient pen. Jam-packed with hydration mojo, you'll get longer, stronger nails, fewer breaks and tears, heal your cuticles and hangnails, and get the gorgeous nails you've always wanted.
Your skin and nails will soak up the golden goodness! Handcrafted, Silicone-Free, Cruelty-Free, Paraben-Free, & Phthalate-Free

Simply Pure™ Hydrating Oil Pen

Our Simply Pure™ Hydrating Oil pen gives you an easy-to-use and highly portable oil-dispensing pen.

What's Included?

Your order includes:

  • One 2ml Nail Oil Pen


Will It Work?

Pure Nail Oil™ is 100 Percent Guaranteed

Every order of Simply Pure™ Hydrating Nail Oil comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee. But that's not enough.

We've been bombarded with false miracle claims for decades. You need to see proof.

Ana's story and results can be seen on What Pure Nail Oil Can Do For You.

To see some customer before and after photos, visit Ana's Pinterest Board of Bloggers who have taken our 3-Day Get Naked Challenge.

You can also see hundreds of before and after photos with testimonials in Ana's Instagram account.

If you should ever have any issues, please email Ana through the Contact Us Page.


Fragrance Choices

Crisp: An intoxicating and effervescent blend of lemon zest, pink grapefruit, juicy pomegranate and spiced vanilla embody the subtle freshness of Crisp. We're pleased to be able to say that Crisp has a 99.9% LOVE rate among thousands of customers.

Free: The same amazing oil minus the fragrance oil—for those with allergies to essential oils or have a history of allergies to skin care products.

Vanilla: What more do we need to say? Vanilla, yum!

post-it-allergy-alert-300-Note- We recommend adding the scent samplers to your order so you can test the fragranced oils to see if you're allergic.


How Much Do I Need?

If you are just starting out with Simply Pure™ Hydrating Nail Oil, we encourage you to invest in our Starter Kit since you can use most of one pen's oil with the 3-Day Initial Hydration Treatment.


Our brain reminds us at odd times to oil and a pen needs to be close by or you won't do it.

It's really helpful to have one in a purse, a desk drawer, near the television, and on the night stand.

After the 3-Day Treatment, a pen will last 2 to 8 weeks depending on frequency of use.


Easy and Portable

Our Simply Pure™ hydrating nail oil pen gives you 1 easy-to-use and highly portable pen. Pretty soon, you'll want one in every room.

Simply remove the cap, twist the top until the tip is saturated with oil. Some people use 1 click per nail. Ana uses 3 clicks for 3 nails and then repeats.

Apply oil to skin and nails as often as you like — at least twice daily, and for best results, each time you wash your hands. With this convenient applicator, you won’t spill a single drop.


WE SHIP MONDAY - FRIDAY (except holidays)

Customer Satisfaction is our highest priority. We offer a 100% moneyback guarantee if your are not fully satisfied with any of our products. If you have an allergic response, contact us for a replacement. We can be reached Monday to Friday 9 am to 4:30 pm PST, through our Contact Us page and we will help with any issues or concerns. We strive to answer emails within 48 hours on business days.

NOTE: International orders can take up to 6 weeks to arrive.


Works Wonders!

Posted by RainbowGlitterPuppySparkle2 on Mar 24th 2017

I am a frequent gel polish user, as I tend to use my nails rather harshly. I had weak nails where you could see the fibre. I bought this pen (vanilla scented) in the hopes it would become stronger. It works wonders! Runs out a little too fast, but it works and is not super expensive. Love!

Hydrating Oil Pen

Posted by Emily on Mar 3rd 2017

Such a great product! Moisturizing and made my nails grow strong!

Great product!

Posted by Wendy on Mar 1st 2017

My nails break less and grow longer now! I've had this for about a month and a half and have used about 2/3 of the oil. 10/10 would recommend!

Simply pure hydrating oil pen

Posted by Gigi on Feb 27th 2017

Smell great, works wonders

not that useful

Posted by summer on Feb 26th 2017

After using an entire pen in three days and following the exact directions of Ana's three day regimen, I didn't see any changes, my nails were not more flexible, or stronger, and still peeled just as much, one of my nails even chipped! The winter scent is very pleasant though, and I will continue to use the other pens ordered until I run out to see if anything else happens, but I don't have much hope for it. ***Response from Bliss Kiss*** We are very sorry you were not completely satisfied with your order! We always want to make our customer experience a good one, and are happy to help with any problem with our products. Unfortunately, if a complete name or email is not left in a review, we are unable to contact the customer and resolve the problem.


Posted by Brittany S. on Feb 15th 2017

This oil is amazing! The pen is super convenient and makes application easy. My nails have never felt better & are growing stronger each day. I can't say entreat things about this oil and all it's benefits. Buy yourself this oil stat!

Must have!

Posted by Reena on Feb 11th 2017

This nail oil really works. The vanilla scented one smells great. Leaves nails looking and feeling healthy and hydrated. Two of my nails flipped back and I thought it would break but it didn't. So happy with my nails.


Posted by Alana on Feb 8th 2017

This is the best product ever! Hangnails=gone Stronger nails=check longer nails=check! I highly recommend this product and you should get some yourself!

Liquid Gold!

Posted by Lorraine B. on Feb 8th 2017

This cuticle oil is amazing! I use this everyday, 3-4 times a day, and it leaves my cuticles soft and moisturized. This oil has helped my nail growth so much and my nails are strong but flexible. I bought the vanilla and crisp scents and they are heavenly! A+++

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