We are a family owned company that supports a team of 7 people. We work Monday through Friday 9:00 am to 4:30 pm PST (Seattle, WA, USA). Although you may see Ana or Kathy posting on social media over the weekend, emails and phone calls will be answered on Monday.



How To Place an Order

  1. Go to www.MyBlissKiss.com

  2. Click on the picture of the item you want

  3. Chose fragrance (if available)

  4. Choose quantity

  5. Click ADD TO CART button

  6. Add your postal code or zip code so our system can calculate the postage.

  7. Enter your payment information and correct address. Please double check to verify it is correct

  8. Enter payment information and click the “pay for order” button

How do I find out how much the shipping charge will be before I order?

USPS shipping charges are based on the weight and size of your order. Our system can’t calculate this if it doesn’t know where the package is going. Add the items to your cart, add the postal code, and the system will let you know how much shipping is before asking for payment.

Do You Have a Coupon Code?

We only offer a coupon code during our January and July sales. To be alerted of the upcoming sale and to get the code, please join our email list (sigh up on the home page, bottom right hand corner). 



Why is my Credit Card being declined?

If you know your card is in good standing, most likely it is a result of the billing address entered not matching the billing address that your credit card bank has on file. Even if you only make a mistake on the zip code, the order will be declined by your bank. If you’re having issues, please contact your credit card company to help you. 

Why can’t I use my language’s characters that are different from Latin based alphabets?

Although our shopping cart system will accept different characters, your address must be in English characters or our Stamp software will reject it. We will be forced to issue you a refund, so you can place your order again with English characters.

How long does it take my order to be processed?

Our goal is to ship orders within 72 hours of receiving them. We print the stamps from the previous day’s orders in the morning. If orders arrive in the afternoon or evening, they won’t be printed until the next morning. If you place your order after 9 am PST on a Friday, your order won’t be printed until the following Monday.



Can I give special instructions of where to put my package?

No. We have no control in requesting the postal worker to deliver a special place where you live. Postal workers are not paid extra when they have to walk/drive up your driveway to deliver. The additional large package load that Amazon and other internet companies have created makes the postal worker’s work day significantly longer, with no additional pay. Most likely, they will try to cram your package as much as they can into your mailbox. This can damage your order. Please be aware that how the postal system handles your order is completely out of our realm of control. 

I put in the wrong address. Can you fix it before shipping?

We can try, if you email us quickly. We print 200 to 400 orders per day, and it gets very difficult to find one specific order after it has been printed. Please double and triple check your address before finalizing your purchase.

How do I know if my order has shipped?

Once we have finished processing and packing your order, you will receive an email with the www.USPS.com tracking number.

How do I track my order?

Visit www.USPS.com and enter the tracking number you have received in an email. This tracking number will not work on UPS or FedEx websites.

How long will it take for my package to arrive?

In the United States, your order should arrive within 3 to 10 business days of the shipping date. (Not the order date.)

Do you ship Bliss Kiss™ products internationally?

Yes, we ship products internationally from our website at www.MyBlissKiss.com. We don’t ship to UAE or Kuwait, because packages never get delivered, and they aren’t returned to us either.

How long does International shipping take?

International shipping can take 2 to 6 weeks, with the average being 2 to 3 weeks. Every once in awhile an international package will be thrown in the wrong bag and go to a completely different country. Unfortunately, the package must be returned to the US (usually New York), and then will be sent to your address. We have no control over this USPS error. 

Why is International Shipping so expensive?

We charge exactly what USPS charges without handling fees. If we were to use FedEx or UPS, the shipping charge would be $80 or more. Remember, the shipping charge pays for all of the people who handle your package, as well as the fuel for planes, trucks and automobiles.

Why is my package stuck in Kent, WA or Los Angeles, CA for days and it still says processing?

We don’t know why, but these two postal hubs can be like a black hole. Packages go in and never leave. We don’t understand why. If your order seems to be pending in one of these locations for more than 4 days, please email your order number to us at info@myblisskiss.com. We will reship your order at no charge.

Do you replace damaged or lost in shipping orders.

Yes, we will replace your order one time at no charge if your tracking information shows that it has not been delivered and has gotten lost. If the replacement order doesn't arrive after 6 weeks, we will issue a refund. 

My tracking number shows that my order has been delivered but I don’t have it.

Check with neighbors and your post office to find out if it was delivered to the wrong location.

What do I do if there is something wrong with my order?

Please email us right away. Posting the problem on social media and hoping for a response is not the best way for us to help you. Email your order number to Info@MyBlissKiss.com {LINK] and we will do our best to help you.



Why aren't your products in stores?

Our products are in a small number of spa/salons across the US. You can find the list [HERE]

Do you offer wholesale pricing?

Only to high-end Spas and Salons. At this point our business is growing so rapidly, we don’t have the capacity to keep up with the volume of other wholesale accounts.

Do you have a distributor in my country?

Our mission is to provide life changing products with an exceptional customer experience. If we sell wholesale to other people or countries, then they are responsible for the customer care of their sales. It may not be up to our standards and this will reflect poorly on our company. It’s bad enough that we have customers who get upset with us because the postal system lost or damaged their order. 



 Simply Pure™ hydrating oil

How durable is the the Simply Pure™ refill pen?

The oil pens are sold to us as a single use item… once it’s empty, it’s done. Cory and I are very eco-conscious, and he figured out how to pull them apart to refill. It can be very difficult to pull the pieces apart, so many break with the first attempt. We can not guarantee that the pens are refillable. Some break upon taking them apart, some last a few fillings, and some last a year or more, to the point where the oil go rancid in the bristles.

 Can the Simply Pure™ pen be refilled?

The pen is sold to us as a single use item. Cory and I are eco-friendly so he figured out a way to get them open to refill....so less of them go in the landfill. That being said...we can't say how long they last. Some break upon taking them apart, some last a few fillings, and some last a year or more, to the point where the oil go rancid in the bristles.

How long will the pen usually last before I will need a new one?

If you’re doing the Three Day Hydration challenge, you might use up the pen in the 3 days. After that the pen will last 2 to 6 weeks depending on your usage. The oil has a 6-9 month shelf life, which is shortened with extreme heat, like a hot car.

My oil smells rancid. Is it bad?

Technically no, it’s not bad. The oil will still work. We just don’t like the smell of it. 

My oil has changed color. It looks pale compared to the golden color it was when I received it.

Sunlight causes the oil to change colors. The process is called Photo Bleaching. This usually starts to happen within 6-12 months. It’s best to store larger sizes of the oil in a dark space, like the refrigerator or freezer.


The oil is making my skin red or itchy.

This usually happens if you are allergic to one of the fragrance oils or one of the other ingredients in our oil blend. It is best to start with an order of fragrance free and add the scent sample pack to test on your skin. 

The oil is making my skin drier and irritated.

This allergic response goes with a Vitamin A (Retinol) allergy. You can request a Vitamin A free sample or a refund. 

Can I purchase a 2 oz option of Simply Pure™ Hydrating Oil?

At this point, we do not offer a 2 oz option. Since we make product within 2 weeks of you receiving it, we have to be very careful how many options we have on hand to ensure you always receive the freshest products. Since we carry three fragrances, each new product option needs to be multiplied times three. 

Why don’t you offer a lot of scents like other small independent companies?

Each Bliss Kiss™ Simply Pure™ oil fragrance that we carry has a dedicated filling machine. Smaller companies mix in small batches and hand fill their containers. We used to do this when we started in our kitchen in 2012. We do bring out a special fragrance with each new season. These seasonals are made in small batches and are hand filled. 

Can Simply Pure™ help with skin problems?

Yes, although I am not a medical doctor so I can’t make any claims. Our boys use the oil to keep their eczema symptoms at bay. We’ve had several customers tell us that it helps with their psoriasis. Ana’s mother used it on her 2nd tattoo. She reported that it healed three times faster than her first tattoo. We have many customers who really appreciate our oil, lotion stick and whipped body fluff to help with dry skin and nails during chemotherapy.

Can your nail and skin care products be used on feet?

Absolutely! Since we aren’t doctors, we are not able to make any medical claims. We do know that the oils are naturally antifungal, antibacterial, and antimicrobial. 

Simply Peel™ latex barrier

I’m allergic to latex. Will you make a latex free version?

At this point, no. Ana has very strict requirements for the product she created. Those can be read here [LINK]. If she can create something that meets those requirements without latex, then it’s a possibility in the far future.

Why does it smell so bad?

Ammonia is the preservative for latex. We’ve been told that Simply Peel™ does not have as strong an odor compared to other latex products. We are working with our manufacturer to reduce the odor more.

Should I keep it in the dark?

Yes. Light degrades latex. It can also be affected by heat and freezing.

My product has gotten hard. Can I mix water in to fix it?

No. Latex hardens when the water has evaporated. This can be caused by failing to get a tight seal with the lid. Be sure to make sure that there is no dried latex around the neck of the bottle or up in the lid before sealing your bottle.

 My brush is getting goopy. How do I fix it?

Rinse the brush in soap and water. Remove any balls of latex with a toothpick. The bristles of the brush are held with one miniscule staple. Be very careful to not pull too hard. 

How do I replace the brush?

Rinse the brush in water to remove the latex. Grab the brush and pull hard to pop it out of the cap. Drop the replacement brush into the bottle. Tighten the lid to pop the two pieces together.

How do I get my brush to stop getting gunky?

Rinse the brush in soap and water before putting it away. Be sure to keep the bottle closed as much as possible.


Base and Top Coats

Why can't I find your base and topcoat anymore?

After 38 years, our supplier closed their business without notice. Since they had the manufacturer label it with their company name, we were not able to find the manufacturer. We are currently working with a manufacturer to try to reverse engineer the formulas Ana fell in love with. They haven’t gotten it right yet.

What brands base and topcoat do you recommend?

Before Ana discovered her top coat, her favorite was Sally Hansen Insta-Dry. It comes in a red bottle and is available in stores that carry the Sally Hansen brand.

When looking for a base coat, make sure it’s labeled as “ridge filling”. It should have extra proteins that thicken it up to fill in the grooves between your ridges. Don’t pick one that claims to have ridge filling fibers… they only make your nails feel fuzzy.


Simply Kissed™ Lip Balm

What's the difference between Simply Kissed™ Lip Balm and Simply Sealed™ Mini Lotion Stick?

Simply Kissed™ Lip Balm it made using a different recipe. The lip balm recipe has been specially formulated to keep lips moisturized.

Lips have different needs than the rest of your skin.


Your lips have minimal to no sebaceous glands (our glands that make oils) and zero sweat glands. The rest of your skin has these glands and has different hydration needs.

Water loss on the lips is three to ten times higher than other parts of the face or body! These physiological facts combined with climate changes (winter dryness, living in an arid climate), all contribute to making dry lips a recurring, persistent problem.

In short, Simply Kissed™ lip balm is formulated to work best with your lips' unique hydration needs.  Simply Sealed™ lotion stick is formulated to moisturize skin and work with our body’s natural oils. 

Social Media

Is Ana a Real Person?

Yes. She’s a mom to four children and happily married to her highschool sweetheart, Cory. You can read more about her here.

Why don’t you accept Direct Messages on Instagram?

We are trying to streamline our customer support to make it a better experience for you. It’s too easy for questions to get lost or mixed up with other questions on social media. If you have any issues, please email us at Info@MyBlissKiss.com. 

Where do you host contests?

We host MONDAY MANIA, WHIMSICAL WEDNESDAY, and FLASH FRIDAY contests on Facebook because we are able to use a random generator application to choose the winner from comments and likes. We also host TERRIFIC TUESDAY on Instagram where a random winner is selected!  We realize that many people do not want to open a Facebook or Instagram account, but they are both free.


My nails are a mess. Can you help me?

There are a huge amount of things we do with our hands that can affect the Simply Pure™ hydration treatment.


  1. Did you do the 3 day hydration per the instructions?

  2. How many times did you oil your nails? 

  3. How much oil did you use on each nail? 
    Many people over oil. Ana uses 1 click per nail. One drop of oil is enough to do all 10 fingernails. Rub any extra into your skin

  4. Did you put polish on after 3 days using the Fab 5 Wrap Technique

  5. What do you do for a living?

  6. What are your hobbies? If you like doing things that use your hands a lot, it can cause them to break a lot.

  7. How often are your hands in water?

  8. Do you wear gloves when working with water or chemicals? 

  9. Do you do gardening, own dogs or horses?

  10. Do you use your nails as tools

  11. Do you have small children? Most people with small children are changing diapers and washing their hands a lot! Try to wear gloves as much as possible.

  12. Have you had a stressful event occur in the last 4 to 6 months? (gotten a new job, lost a job or a loved one, moved to a new home, gotten married or divorced, been diagnosed with a health issue, started a new medication, or had a child?

    Stress significantly affects nail growth. But you won’t see the stress until the nail that was growing during your stress reaches your fingertips. It takes 4 to 6 months for the nail to replace itself. Once that compromised nail reaches your tips, they seem to “suddenly start” peeling, splitting or breaking.

  13. What do you know you are doing "right" with your nails?

  14. What are you not doing right? (The..."I know I shouldn't, but I do it anyway")

Most people are able to self diagnose by reviewing their answers to these questions. Ana has found the answer of #14 to be the guilty culprit about 90% of the time. If you still need more help, feel free to email us. Ana’s assistant Adrienne, will direct you to some of the 50+ articles that Ana has already written that could help. Ana is only able to give personalized nail health help by writing “Ask Ana” articles on NailcareHQ.com.



Here are some common questions we receive about our products:

1. Do you test your finished products on animals? (you or a third party).
Ana tests our products on herself! Then friends and family get to be our extended testers. We have had animal testers, but it was their choice and the oils are good for their coats. Dog owners can attest (Ana, her Mom, and many customers) that they do LOVE to eat our products. They have eaten entire containers of Simply Pure™ Hydrating Oil or Simply Satin™ Whipped Body Fluff. While the owners are distraught that their investment has been eaten, all of the dogs are happily alive and probably growing a softer coat.
2. Do you test any of the ingredients used in your products on animals? (you or a third party)
If I don't test as a first party, why would I pay someone else?  The ingredients in our products have been used for hundreds and thousands of years. I have no interest in wasting time calling every supplier only to be told they don't know. Honestly, I would seem like an idiot if I called our olive oil supplier asking if they tested it on animals.
3. Are you owned by any company? If so what is their animal testing policy?
We own our company.
4. Are you marketed in China (excluding Hong Kong) where animal testing is required by law? Are you marketed anywhere else where animal testing would be required?
We sell our products to customers in China. We comply with their import restrictions and no, they don't require us to test on animals.
5. Do you own or are affiliated with any other company? If so what is their animal testing policy?
No, we are not.
6. Is your range 100% vegan (meaning, the products do not contain any animal by-products like beeswax, Lanolin, Carmine etc.? Would you ever consider changing these animal by-product ingredients to a plant derived one?
Our products are not vegan. Why would I change an ingredient—that works effectively and was included for a specific reason—for an ingredient that I passed over the first time during product research and development?
Beside the fact that we pay three times as much for pharmaceutical grade lanolin (which removes the strong sheep odor), if you have a problem with sheep, we are not the company for you.