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Pink Hydration Nitrile Foot Gloves

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Say Goodbye to Cracked and Callused Feet and Say Hello to Hydration!

You Asked, We Listened

We've had so many people asking for high-quality nitrile Foot Gloves that work well with Bliss Kiss™ products to help you treat your FEET to an Overnight or Mini Hydration Treatment. After all, why should your hands have all the fun?

We Found Great Foot Gloves Just For You! 

Benefits of Intensive Hydration Treatments with Foot Gloves

  • Your body heat helps warm up the oil so you absorb more.
  • Helps to hydrate both your toenails and the skin on your feet (say goodbye to calluses and cracks!).
  • Keep your feet flip-flop ready all year long! 

Treat your feet to some hydrating TLC. Get your Gloves and get your hydration on! We promise you'll be delighted with your results.

Make sure you've got your Simply Pure™ hydrating oil and Simply Sealed™ lotion stick! (Sold separately) 

What You Get

Pink Nitrile Foot Gloves (2 Foot Gloves per pair - each pair has one for your left foot and one for your right foot)

SIZE: Currently we offer only one size of Foot Glove. They are "one-size-fits-most," and should fit up to about a size 10 US in women's. 



Step 1: Liberally apply Simply Pure™ hydrating oil and Simply Sealed™ lotion stick (sold separately) to your feet.

Treat your feet to Simply Pure! Treat your feet to Simply Sealed 

Step 2: SLOWLY roll a Foot Glove onto each foot like you would with pantyhose or nylons. (NOTE: It's SUPER important that you take your time during this step. While the Foot Gloves ARE sturdy, they can still tear. And that would be super sad!)

Step 3: Relax! Take a load off and chillax for a bit while the hydration does its "magic" on your tootsies. (This is the perfect time to catch up on your favorite Netflix binge or to read a good book!) 

More Value and Less Mess!

Foot Gloves will give you more value for your money when you treat your feet. The challenge with the popular cotton or fabric socks for your feet is the fibers in your socks are greedy and will absorb a lot of the oil and lotion stick you apply to your feet. That doesn't do a whole lot of good for your dry skin. 

With the Nitrile Foot Gloves, the gloves keep the oil and lotion on your feet. That means more hydration goodness for your skin and better results!

These foot gloves are perfect for a mini hydration session if you only have an hour or two. They're also great for overnight hydration treatments! 

please do not walk while wearing foot gloves


PLEASE do not walk around while wearing foot gloves!

They can be slippery. And we want you to stay safe!

Other Important Notes

For health and hygienic reasons, the manufacturer sells these foot gloves as a one-time use product. 




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