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Clean Ones Latex-Free Household Gloves

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pink-dish-gloves.jpgClean Ones' Pure Comfort gloves are premium Household gloves—and they're also Ana's favorite!

Here's what Ana loves about these gloves:

  • They're comfortable - Let's be honest. Comfort is really important. 
  • They're durable - They keep your hands and nails safe from water, chemicals, germs, and other messes that life throws your way.
  • Extra arm length - These pink beauties are extra long and keep your arms safe from those nasty dribbles.
  • Gripping power - Clean Ones work well for whatever task at hand. Dishes, gardening, scrubbing counters, floors, tubs, toilets... All the "dirty" jobs in life. These gloves will protect your hands and nails while you get stuff done!
  • Latex-Free - Perfect for sensitive skin, Clean Ones are latex-free and deliver the protection and tender loving care your hands deserve.
  • Odor-Free - This is the really great part about these gloves. Many cheaper gloves leave your hands smelling... well, funky. Clean Ones are specially formulated to keep your hands clean, dry, and smelling fresh, even after the BIG jobs.

Your hands take care of you and your loved ones. Treat your hands. Get them a pair of Clean Ones. You'll love them. Or your money back.


Product Information:


  • 100% Latex Free Vinyl Gloves created by Clean Ones
  • Ultra Absorbent Hypoallergenic Lining for Sensitive Skin
  • 100% BPA & Phthalate Free
  • Extra Thick 22mil Material for Added Protection (35% thicker than your average dish glove)
  • Non-slip swirl grip


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