Simply Peel™ Liquid Latex Barrier - Patent Pending

Simply Peel™ Liquid Latex Barrier - Patent Pending

Simply Peel™ Liquid Latex Barrier - Patent Pending

Get the Perfect Manicure Without All the Mess

Simply Peel™ Liquid Tape Latex Barrier


Each bottle is a glittery doorway to gasps and oohs-and-ahs from everyone who sees your gorgeous salon-quality manicure.

It won't just be your besties raving. Complete strangers will be impressed. Especially when you tell them you did it yourself! 





Art can be messy. Now you can unleash your creativity and cut cleanup time.

Simply Peel™ sets the industry standard for protecting cuticles from the harsh, drying effects of nail art cleanup.

You'll just have more FUN when you let your inner creative goddess out to play!




 Please only order the 2.0 oz AFTER you already have a 0.5 oz bottle with a brush.




Simply Peel™ is Patent Pending

Yes, Simply Peel™ liquid latex barrier is Patent Pending. Because of it's unique qualities and single-peel clean up, we have applied for a patent for our Amazing Simply Peel™!

You can read the story behind Simply Peel™ HERE.



hot-and-cold.pngseal250x250.pngSimply Peel™ is a handmade, artisan product. Due to the nature of latex and other ingredients in this product, the glittery goodness inside the bottle on the way to your collection of nail goodies is sensitive to heat, cold, and extreme temperatures your bottle may experience during shipping.

If your bottle of Simply Peel™ arrives and has dried or thickened or has any other quality issues common in a handmade, artisan product. PLEASE LET US KNOW! 

Simply contact us an immediate replacement will be sent at no cost to you.


p1.section-8.satisfaction-guaranteed.pngEvery order of Simply Peel™ comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee. But that's not enough.

We've been bombarded with false miracle claims for decades. You deserve a product that does what it promises.

We, at Bliss Kiss™, are confident in all of our products. And if you’re not completely satisfied for whatever reason, let us know. We’ll refund or replace your purchase. Period.

At Bliss Kiss™, we want you to have the beautiful nails you've always wanted.


Simply Peel™ has a 6 Month Shelf Life. Use it up!


Allergy Notice

Simply Peel™ DOES contain latex.

Please do not use if you have a latex allergy.

We want you to be healthy and safe!



Worth the money

Posted by Samantha on Jun 23rd 2017

I love this! It's so easy to use and peels off great.

Works just as advertised

Posted by Sarah on Jun 9th 2017

I have a particularly hard time painting my nails with my left hand and this latex barrier helps minimize the mistakes I make. I'll definitely have to buy another bottle or two soon!

Simply Peel

Posted by SharK on May 29th 2017

This is a great product. I'm always making little mistakes by getting polish on my skin. Not anymore! I cannot recommend this enough! So easy to use!

really freaking awesome!

Posted by Kay on May 29th 2017

five stars for an exceptional product, and an extra five stars for standing by it enough to send a speedy replacement when one of the bottles arrived with the contents congealed from temperature extremes during shipping. Definitely going to order this again, as soon as the first bottle looks like it's almost out!

Simply Peel

Posted by Susan on May 5th 2017

This stuff is great for doing gradients or other "messy" nail art.


Posted by Hailey on May 2nd 2017

This product is so great I love it!!

Bliss Kiss Simple Peel

Posted by Glenda on Apr 27th 2017

Works perfectly!

Simply Peel Latex Barrier

Posted by Jo on Apr 25th 2017

Great product, only gripe is no UK stockist. Once I come back from the USA and run out of this bottle cost of shipping means I won't be able to buy any more.

Best liquid latex on the market

Posted by Dee on Apr 21st 2017

I purchased another popular brand of latex for nail art and compared to simply peel it always has small dried bits in it and is hard to apply. When i remove the other peoduct the nail polish dosent come of with it, it stays attached to my nail but not attached to my skin. Simply peel dose not do this, it is so easy to apply and remove, all nail polish comes of with the latex and this is also a much larger supply than other brands. Definitely will purchase this again

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