Simply Grab™ Manicure Saver

Simply Grab

Simply Grab™ Manicure Saver

Nail Polish Removal and Cleanup Made Easy!

Ever finished a beautiful manicure and growled in frustration when your cotton and acetone destroy all your hard work while you’re cleaning up? We have the solution for you!

Meet Simply Grab™ Manicure Saver!

Manufactured from medical grade stainless steel, this incredibly durable little tool will protect your freshly painted nails from the hazards of acetone soaked cotton balls while you clean up!

Ana spent over two years testing out different versions until she finally found one that meets all of the stringent Bliss Kiss™ quality standards. We are so confident with the quality of this tool that each one comes with a lifetime guarantee. If it breaks, we’ll replace it free of charge.

How to Use the Simply Grab™ Manicure Saver

  1. Pick up Simply Grab™.

  2. Press the end to extend the tool.

  3. Place the claw end on your cotton ball (or whatever you’re picking up - cotton balls and acetone not included).

  4. Remove your thumb from the end to secure Simply Grab’s grip on your cotton ball.

  5. Saturate your cotton ball with acetone (we always recommend you use pure acetone for nail and tool cleanup).

  6. Holding Simply Grab™ like a pencil, clean up your mess with the acetone soaked cotton ball.

  7. To dispose of cotton, simply depress the end of the tool while holding Simply Grab™ over your trash can. Gravity will do the rest and the cotton ball with fall into the trash can.

Ta-da! Beautiful nails with less mess.

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Nail saver!

Posted by Danairi on Feb 15th 2018

When I first saw this, I never thought I "needed" it, yes it's cool but can't I do the same with an old pair of tweezer? No, it is not the same! Trust me, I tried it for a long time. I can easily clean up my stamping plates or mat without having to ruin my own nails. I also like to use it to pick up other tools at the bottom of my nail kit when my polish is drying haha! It really does save my nails from any mishaps.

Exactly What I Needed

Posted by Jennifer Foss on Aug 13th 2017

Not only do I enjoy giving myself a manicure, I also love painting the nails of my friends. This tool helps me save my own manicure while I can still paint others nails! This is exactly what I needed.

So helpful!

Posted by V. Enriquez on Jan 20th 2017

Let me just start off by saying that this tool is exactly what I needed. When stamping I have to constantly wipe down the plate but the acetone ruins my just painted nails. This tool really grabs the Cotten and keeps my fingers from having to touch the nail polish remover. I am definitely recommending this tool to any fellow stamper that knows the struggle of wiping down the plates & ruining their nails in the process. I can not stress enough, hands down, the convenience of this tool

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