Simply Crystal™ Nail File - Small with Case

Small Nail File and Case
The last nail file you'll ever buy. When it comes to filing your nails, never settle for anything less than the the highest quality Czech crystal.
You deserve it! Whether you just need to gently file your nails smooth or need to take your length down a notch, we guarantee you'll be delighted with our Simply Crystal™ nail files.
Ridiculously durable, Simply Crystal™ never dulls and won't wear down like cheaper glass files.

Simply Crystal™ Nail File - Small with Case

Highest Quality Crystal Nail Files

Our Bliss Kiss™ branded nail files are created by Mont Bleu™. They're high quality, crystal files that are made from Czech tempered glass, sometimes referred to as crystal.

The Czech Republic has always been one of the leading countries in glass production, using the oldest production traditions. We can assure you our crystal glass nail files are the best quality available on the market.

When we choose to carry a product by another manufacturer, Ana searches and tests extensively to find the best products to make your life easier. Mont Bleu™ files are her favorite. They have the capability to gently file smooth edges as well as take down length with added pressure.

There are several other features that make Mont Bleu™ crystal nail files better when compared to other nail files.

  • ❤︎ High Hygienic Standards. Crystal nail files can be disinfected in many ways, including UV light.
  • ❤︎ Durable Filing Surface. The Mont Bleu™ crystal nail files have a life-long filing surface that won't wear down like cheaper glass files.
  • ❤︎ Impeccable Quality. You can feel the difference when you hold one of our Mont Bleu™ files in your hand compared to cheaper glass files. Your nails will feel the difference, too!

Mont Bleu™ files are one of the most durable crystal nail files available. 

(PLEASE NOTE: While the files ARE more durable than most crystal or glass nail files, they are STILL breakable when dropped, sat on, or put in other rough-and-tumble situations. We recommend storing them in their provided cases and in a place where they will be protected from breaking.) 


About the Case 

Each case is crafted from a sturdy, shiny red plastic designed to keep your Simply Crystal™ nail file stylishly snug, safe and sound.

Why plastic? We tested several different types of solutions, including metal. We liked the look and feel of the metal ones, in our rigorous testing of these cases (yes, we actually threw these nail file cases across the room). BUT... the metal cases we tried didn't prevent breakage and just didn't live up to the Bliss Kiss™ quality standards.

The plastic cases were clearly the best solution for light, sturdy protection for the Simply Crystal™ nail files. We love them. And we're positive you will, too. We guarantee it!




Small File, Large File or BOTH?


If you are looking for the perfect travel size file, our small nail file is the one for you! At 3.5 inches (9 cm) long, our small ruby nail file comes in a white plastic case and has the Bliss Kiss™ logo printed on the handle. The usable filing surface is 2.25 inches (5.71 cm).


You can check out the Large Nail File here!




WE SHIP MONDAY - FRIDAY (except holidays)

Customer Satisfaction is our highest priority. We offer a 100% money back guarantee if your are not fully satisfied with any of our products. We can be reached Monday to Friday 9 am to 4:30 pm PST, through our Contact Us page and we will help with any issues or concerns. We strive to respond within 48 hours on business days only.


IMPORTANT NOTE: While the files ARE more durable than most crystal or glass nail files, they are STILL breakable when dropped, sat on, or put in other rough-and-tumble situations. It's just the nature of crystal - even tempered, high-quality crystal. (As soon as we figure out how to alter the laws of physics to make crystal flexible and unbreakable, we'll figure out how to bring that to you!)


Due to the breakable nature of crystal, we cannot guarantee the nail files against breaking.

But we DO guarantee them for life against the filing surface becoming dull.

(The nail files don't do well when used as hockey pucks, gardening tools, or chopsticks. Also when bringing your file with you in your purse or backpack, put your file in a pocket that will keep your file safe from being smashed or bumped.)

We recommend storing them in their provided cases and in a place where they will be protected from breaking. 



NOTE: International orders can take up to 6 weeks to arrive and may be subject to customs charges.


Crystal nail file

Posted by Melissa on Jan 23rd 2018

Best. File. Ever!

Mini file & case

Posted by Lisa on Nov 27th 2017

Love this file! It’s so smooth across my nail & the protective case is fabulous for keeping in my purse. Never again be caught without a file

Really great quality

Posted by Tina on Jun 14th 2017

I bought one for me and my mom, we both love these files. I like that I don't have to sharpen it (granted it's only been a few weeks so I don't know it it'll last forever) but it files my nails SO QUICKLY with a smoother finish. I would absolutely recommend this to others, and I will buy more in the future if I have to.

Better than what you buy anywhere else

Posted by Diana R on Jun 12th 2017

I got both the small/large and they are way better than the glass ones you get at drugstores/beauty supply stores!

Best File

Posted by Julia on Jun 4th 2017

I have tried so many cheap files you can find at the drugstore, but the hardly do anything and stop working after a few days. This one works like a charm and works for a long time. Just be gentle on pressure, because if you press too hard you can lose too much off your nail. It's strong enough that very little pressure is needed.

Crystal Nail File

Posted by Shandra on May 8th 2017

The description nails it. It's the only file I want to use, I won't settle for less, they last a long time, and I'm always recommending.

Glass Nail File

Posted by Ariel Ross on Apr 25th 2017

Best. Glass file. Ever. I had the Revlon one as well, and it just felt "dull" for a lack of a better word fast. Bliss Kiss one never an issue

Simply the Best!

Posted by Kahti on Feb 10th 2017

My nails are on the delicate side and metal files had a tendency to be a little rough and not leave my edges feeling smooth. These files are so nice and gentle but they really get the job done too! No tearing and a really fine feel to the nail edge. It's much easier to shape the nail than other files I've used. I liked the first one so well I bought another. I would definitely recommend this!

Good file, but a fragile so handle with care

Posted by undefined on Feb 8th 2017

The file is very effective at taking down length, may need a gentler file to refine and smooth the edges. The first time I used it, I knocked the file down from where it was sitting on the table and it broke into several pieces. I'm still using one of the larger pieces and it works fine, but I was disappointed at how fragile it was. I've dropped my drugstore glass file from greater heights without having it break like this. ***Response from Bliss Kiss*** Thank you for taking the time to write a review! We appreciate it! If you ever have any questions or concerns about our products, please don't hesitate to email us at:

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